[Model Swap] Druid Form -> Race swap with your current gear menu

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    [Model Swap] Druid Form -> Race swap with your current gear

    Hello fellow WoW players and model editers,

    You might already know (or maybe you're just about to learn) on Blackrock - Warmane (old Arena-Tournament), you can change your model by just using a simple command : .u morph ID
    This is really cool as you can use some NPC cool looking as your own, or even race swap while keeping your gear displayed.

    But with druid forms (bear/moonkin/cat etc) it does not work this way, you have to edit your MPQ to do a model edit if you want your cat to be a worgen or whatever. As far as I know you have to use a creature model for the form model edit.
    My question is, how do I race swap on a druid form while keeping my gear displayed ?
    I can use .u mo 20319 to race swap in Tauren Male while keeping my gear, but this will only works in humanoid form. So how do I do this on Druid form with model editing ?

    I'm playing NE, and my plan is to morph into Tauren with my same gear as Moonkin form.

    I hope someone can help me with this x)


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    I don't know much about model editing..
    I do know a bit about private servers and swapping models in the database (more specifically to change druid forms) and I'm not sure you can get it to work without modifying the server itself.
    again I could be wrong but I'm fairly confident that simple client side editing/morphing won't get you the desired results.
    if blizz had designed all druid forms to show armour then you'd not have this issue but going into another form hides armour by default.

    again I'm not an expert and could be wrong. so keep at it and maybe you can somehow find something that works. (:

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