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    [Question]A little help for a race edit in the works

    Okay Firstly heres the model edit i'm working on Human female to "high elf" female much like blood elf female but uses the npc skin for high elves seen in theramore etc.

    Heres my problem and i haven't seen a fix for it in -any- of the threads for help and guides so i am to ask and i apologize first and formost.

    I downloaded mywarcraftstudio I know how to do the model edits except for one problem I go to open common.mpq and it doesn't show me any files at all i have a few skin edits in the folder and i am using En-us patches i can open up any of the skin edits and or model edits previously downloaded but not common.mpq

    so the method i have Decided to use to get around is either

    A.) Find a solution to common.mpq not wanting to open via the mmowned community ^-^


    B.) haveing the skin file of high elf npcs sent to me so i can make the edit swiftly and post for all

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