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    WoW Covenant Exploit Guide

    A very broad overview of exploits using the covenant abilities in shadowlands.

    1. Class abilities.
    a. Night Fae soul shape has speed running possibilities and effectively allows all classes to use mage blink.
    b, Venthyr ability acts as a strong port useful for exploration and pvp terrain exploits.
    c.Dreadlord ability has a shield which can be manipulated by snapshotting.
    d) Rogue dreadlord ability allows players to stack leech heals on target dummies.
    e) DK dreadlord ability can be used to trap players inside things or over cliffs.
    f) Hunter Kyrian ability shoots through walls.
    g) Monk Venthyr ability can be used to spam clones (highly confusing, very effective at low level pvp).

    If you are wondering why I'm publishing this now....let's just say I'd rather Blizzard pursuing certain things and not others.
    Most of the stuff I talk about can already be done with other methods, so fixing anything I mention would be largely pointless
    for Blizzard.

    There's a really good trick which I don't refer to specifically but I do show somewhere in the video. Maybe.
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