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    [Easy] Servant of N'zoth Title + FoS

    Class Needed:Druid
    Required Spec:Balance
    Required Talent: Fury of Elune
    What to do:Basically, druids can cast Fury of Elune while in flight form which is a huge advantage so in order to get the title you will need a pvp zone where both factions collide and massacre each other. I chose Nazjatar because I could sometimes hide above the rocks from the dismount toy. All you need to do is slay some players of the other faction and N'zoth will give you the toy and quest to slay 10 peeps of your faction. Use the toy(remember to be full HP when you do it cuz the toy does about 70% dmg when activated), get on flight form and use Fury of Elune on your own kind but be sure to stay out of sight.

    Note*: Remember to get some gliders because if someone dismounts you or kills you the quest fails and you need to restart this. Leaving the zone also has the same effect.

    Good Luck to all on getting this!

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