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    Janzi9's Guide to Raiding: Stormwind

    Okay, aim will be to kill Bolvar, the NPC that is counted as king of Stormwind, but actually the little boy is.. Even though he isn't... But thats a quest, not PvP!

    First you will need the following:

    5 Rogues
    5 Warlocks
    5 Mages
    10 Shamans
    5 Priests
    5 Warriors
    5 Druids

    All level 60.


    Now, go outside Stormwind, in Elwynn.

    Kill as most of the Guards as you can without pulling the NPC Elite.

    Heal up, Buff up, if any Alliance is killing you, get your Mages to take them out one by one. Fireballx5 to one target. Then the next, etc.

    Rez anyone who is dead, priests.

    Now, take down the Elite, take him down like taking down a Boss of an instance, get Warrior aggro. Make sure the Mages are still Sniping the Alliance, they should be using Ventrilo/Teamspeak and having a main Mage while all the other Magi /assist him. Make sure the Mages dont draw any aggro from guards, Rogues can also be useful for doing the Mages job, but they get more aggro because they are more close to the Guards.

    Now, make your way through the map here;

    Take the Guards on, kill all Alliance. Remember Shamans to Chain Lightning + FROZTSHOXLOZL.

    Once you get to the keep, take your time killing the guards. Once you have cleared all Alliance and am quite close to the Leader. AoE time. Have everyone kill the leader, while Mages AoE priests heal Mages. And Fade!

    Congratulations if you kill him! You just got a bucket load of Honor!

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    Though I've minimally played my Alliance toons, I want to ask this: why go around the Trade District and through the Cathedral Square? Is there any reason you can't just cut through Old Town?

    Awesome guide btw

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