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    All mounts dropped by rares on Argus with coords!

    I didn't find a straightforward post that simply summed up all rares to kill daily on my alts for mounts, so decided to list them all with coords for TomTom (below):

    Rare - Mount All items below are links to Wowhead!

    Antoran Wastes:
    Blistermaw - Crimson Slavermaw
    Houndmaster Kerrax - Vile Fiend
    Puscilla and Vrax'thul - Biletooth Gnasher -
    Varga - Fel-spotted Egg

    Naroua - Fel-spotted Egg

    Wrangler Kravos - Maddened Chaosrunner
    Venomtail Skyfin - Lambent Mana-Ray
    Skreeg the Devourer - Acid Belcher
    Baruut the Bloodthirsty - Baarut the Brisk --> Toy with speed increase!
    Kaara the Pale - Fel-spotted Egg
    Sabuul - Fel-spotted Egg

    All rares that drop Fel-Spotted Eggs are in the post, you can hold multiple eggs at once.
    After 5 days, they change into Cracked Fel-Spotted Egg.
    Once they hatch, hold the mounts in your bags.
    They're unique and this avoids getting doubles.
    I tried it and never got any doubles, got my 4 mounts out of 15ish eggs.
    PROOF: mounts.jpg

    Loottable (not counting thrash items) for the Fel-Spotted Egg:
    Scintillating Mana-ray
    Felglow Mana-Ray
    Vibrant Mana-Ray
    Darkspore Mana-Ray
    --> Pet: Docile Skyfin
    --> Pet: Fel-Afflicted Skyfin

    You can loot each rare once a day with each alt.

    Camping these rares seems to be a waste of time too, since they're on rotations.
    A certain group of rares is up for a certain time, respawning every few minutes.
    After their rotation time, they despawn for several hours.
    Meaning: If they're up, they'll be up for a few hours. If they're not up, just wait and do other stuff to fill your time.

    If anybody has any upcoming info on timers or anything else, let me know!

    /way Antoran wastes 61.7 37.2 Blistermaw
    /way Antoran wastes 63.1 25.2 Houndmaster Kerrax
    /way Antoran wastes 64.3 48.2 Varga
    /way Krokuun 70.5 33.7 Naroua
    /way Mac'aree 55.7 59.9 Wrangler Kravos
    /way Mac'aree 33.7 47.5 Venomtail Skyfin
    /way Mac'aree 49.7 9.9 Skreeg the Devourer
    /way Mac'aree 38.7 55.8 Kaara the Pale
    /way Mac'aree 44.2 49.8 Sabuul
    /way Mac'aree 43.8 60.2 Baruut the Brisk (TOY)
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    Thanks for posting this list. I haven't been playing in a while and now I have some more mounts on my list that I need to get :-)

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