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    Alliance Levelling guide 50 – 60

    i found this on my comp. it may be old but here it is

    Alliance Levelling guide 50 – 60

    First off, all classes are different! Everyone has to decide themselves if they want to kill MOBS 2 levels below them or 2 levels above them. I will not post level recommendations as with my hunter I can kill MOBS 2 – 4 levels above me, with my Mage, I cannot. My Druid could, but the time to kill a MOB 2 levels above me takes insanely long and just not worth the effort. I will post the levels of the MOBS, although they may be inaccurate, they will not be too far off.

    Secondly. With all respect to questing, it’s fun, it’s extra XP, it gives some good rewards, it’s usually not worth the time! With my Rogue, between Level 40 and 60 I hardly quested. Mostly people will “quest” and as soon as they finished one quest they will run back to the quest giver. This takes a lot of time, especially where this guide will take you. IF you quest, bundle the quests. Complete one, go do the next. Only when most or all of your quests for the region are finished do you return to quest giver. I remember a quest from Everlook that required me to go to Un’Goro, Gadgetzan and Arathi (if I’m not mistaken), took me close to 1 hour to complete and I got a whooping 3k XP.

    This guide focuses on keeping the level areas close to each other while always having easy things to kill. Some of these will not give you good items to sell, others will.

    I will group similar level MOBS together so that you know where and what to look for.

    I spent all of my time between 50 and 60 in 2 areas. Felwood and Winterspring.


    Deadwood Furbolgs – MOB Levels 47 – 50

    These little furry beasts are located in the very south west of Felwood.

    These guys are a dream. They are very easy to kill, drop TONS of Mageweave, some green items and the best part, for every one of these that you kill, you get 5 points reputation with the Timbermaw Clan. The Timbermaw Clan guards the path between Felwood and Winterspring, the added bonus, if you have good reputation, they have some very good things to sell. (I believe good enchanting and tailoring recipes / patterns)

    Jadefire (Demons) – MOB Level 48 – 52
    Jaedenar – MOB Level 50 – 52

    These two are both in the West of Felwood (in the middle)

    Also easy kills. Their drop is not as great as I had hoped, and the Felcloth drop from the demons is miserable. These 2 are separated by some mountains, otherwise they are very close to each other. Drops are reasonable.

    Jadefire Demons – MOB Level 52 – 54
    Irontree elementals – MOB Level 48 – 53
    Deadwood Furbolgs – MOB Level 52 – 54

    These are all found in the north of Felwood. (Listed from West to East)

    These are all easy to kill. The Demons drop Runecloth and Fellcloth. Unfortunately this is known and thesy are often camped by Horde and Alliance. You may have a hard time having a peaceful level experience.

    If you ever need Heart of the Wild, the elementals are for you. These guys also drop tons of herbs, unfortunately not only 2 or 3 types, but ALL OF THEM!

    Deadwood Furbolgs are a good grind. Again for the reputation and these, unlike their southern counterparts, drop Runecloth. It’s seldom, but they do drop. Drawback is that they are next to the path to Winterspring.


    By now you should be Level 54 - 55 and have a mount

    In Winterspring there are only 3 MOB types that I killed.

    Winterfall Furbolgs – MOB Level 53 – 58

    These can be found East-Northeast of Everlook, in Winterfall Village (who would have guessed?). The lower levels are just into Winterspring in the very west.

    These are listed as Humanoids, and therefore one would expect them to drop Runecloth. Fact is, I killed hundreds and did not see one thread of Runecloth. These guys are a dream non the less. They drop fast and their grey vendor trash items sell for over 1 gold. Advantage of this area is that there always is a chest in this village. It can spawn at one of 4 locations in this village. You will also get Timbermaw reputation by killing these.

    Keep to the lower village at low levels. The Furbolgs at the top come in pairs and do DOUBLE the damage than the ones in the lower part (crits not included).

    Yeti – MOB Level 50 – 58

    Location is a little bit Southeast of Everlook.

    The yetis have a few drawbacks, they freeze you and you have to stay immobile while they try to beat you to a pulp. Luckily their damage is not that great. You can skin them and in the cave I often saw Thorium and Rich Thorium veins.

    Owlbeasts – MOB Level 52 – 58

    They can be found in 2 locations, either in the very Northeast or a ways south of Everlook.

    These are actually for grinding only. Their drop rate is MISERABLE and worth next to nothing. The advantage is, they hardly do damage and they drop fast.

    For lower levels, go to the Northeast. If you are looking for the Owlbeasts L57 – 58, head south.

    Frostsabers – MOB Level 55 – 60

    These can be found in the very Northwest.

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