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    Palidan: Jobs in Party


    Talent Specialization

    There is a lot of ways to specialize a Paladin and most of them work, it really depends a lot on your playstile and what you prefer doing or not. But since a paladin is mainly there for survive-ability, offtanking, healing and supporting with buffs, I suggest the following build, you will be able to solo nicely with this as well, as most of it is Retribution (mostly in groups you mash mobs anyway, so dps cant hurt)... and at the end of the Retribution tree we all know, waits the sweet Blessing of Kings!

    Holy: Spiritual Focus, Imp Holy Light / Protection: Imp Devotion Aura, Toughness / Retribution: Imp Blessing of Might, Two-Hand Weap Spec, Deflection, Vengence, Seal of Command, Anticipation, Consecration, Conviction, Blessing of Kings.

    What to do
    Keep your group always buffed with Blessings. Most likely your group members will tell you anyway which one they want but generally rogues and classes that do melee damage will want Blessing of Might. Casters and the tank will be more for Blessing of Kings.
    Keep Devotion Aura up, the whole group will benefit from the improved AC, especially the main tank though. However there is situations where another aura might be suitable, for example Retribution Aura might be nice when your mage is insta-AEing a lot of mobs.
    If your mage doesnt have instant Arcane Explosion or if you have a Warlock casting AEs they might prefer Concentration Aura for less spell interruptions.
    Don't forget your Resistance Auras either, they can come in handy in some situations where your groups struggles because of high AE/Spell damage.
    If you are asked to offtank there is several things you can do. If the mob you are offtanking is not the one being damaged by the party currently, it should normally be enough to cast Seal of Fury and to keep the mob hitting with it.
    If you are tanking and the group is doing damage on your mob you will have to do a little more. I suggest unleashing Seal of Fury, recasting it and using Retribution Aura to get additional aggro from the holy damage, each time the mob hits you. Try to heal yourself, this gives additional aggro and stunning the mob helps as well.
    You may want to use Divine Shield in tough situations when everyone is oom, but keep in mind that your attack rate slows down and hence also you will have bigger troubles keeping aggro.
    Your invulnerabilty skills for you and some party members might be life saving, but don't cast it on anyone (including yourself maybe) who tries to keep aggro, invulnerabilty let's the mob loose interest instantly. Rather use Blessing of Protection on weak casters/rogues or healers who are getting heavily damaged, this way the warrior or you gain time to get aggro on the mob that was damaging the person before.
    Keep in mind that if you want to kill shit fast and need a mage to cast instant and fast nukes, or if a druid is healing a lot... those might pull huge aggro, Blessing of Salvation will protect them from overaggroing, so they can safely unleash their powers.
    If there is an annoying caster mob you can use Seal of Justice to stun it as much as possible, preventing it from casting high damage nukes. Stuns are generally a good idea especially on casters.
    If you have no snarers in your group, you will have to keep up Judgement and unleash it with Seal of Justice to prevent mobs from fleeing, this is very important in dungeons.
    For healing, you have a fast heal => Flash of Light or a big heal (with longer casting time) => Holy Light. Generally if you see someone dying fast or a weak caster/rogue being hit you use your fast heal, else Holy Light is your friend (mana efficiency).
    A very important role is using Cleanse. It removes anything, poison, disease or magic effects. Generally it should be the Paladin curing people as priests/druids/mages are mostly busy otherwise. So keep your eyes always open for debuffs (you can set your interface to show you these).
    Lay on Hands is really to be used as an emergency solution. Best thing is to use it when you are low mana as this way not much mana gets drained from you. Generally as who you should save with it, your priest/tank is always a good choice.
    Don't forget that you have very nice nukes against undeads.

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