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    Stonetalon Mountains Pathing Guide

    Welcome to the World of Warcraft Guide to the Stonetalon Mountains!

    I this guide you will learn step-by-step on how to get to some eye candy in stonetalon but there is not much there but it is still cool.

    1. Start at the druid tunnel near the NE flight path.

    2. Go to the left of the tunnel and there should be a path that if you angle just right you can get up it.

    3. Then go up the path a bit and try to get as far up on the mountain as you can before you jump off (Using Nogg's, Slowfall or Levatate) and try to get to the other end of the building.

    4. Now try and get to a steep ledge not far from the building and jump to at and run up it.

    5. Once up the ledge, not far from it there is a small path that should be easy to get up on top of the moutains.

    6. Now that you are up, you must go down! Take a path to get down from the moutain tops.

    7. Once you are past the pond with the cave with no enterence, keep going down and you will find a hut.

    8. Run past the hut and stay you your left.

    9. Now you should be at a very barren land. jump down and stay to your left untell you see this on your mini map...

    The place you should be going into should look like this...

    10. Keep following that line and you should some across a path soon enough.. now follow the path to the end.

    Now pat yourself on the back for making it there!

    if you want to get out, just go this way and watch out for a big hole in the ground!

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