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    Guide to the dancing trolls

    Welcome to the World of Warcraft Guide to the Dancing Trolls!

    Here is a movie I just found if you need more help!

    I will tell you step by step on how to get there since people are having so much trouble finding the path.

    1. START at the entrance to the furblog tunnel when you are in winterspring.

    2. Go to the left of the furblog tunnel a little bit (stay close to the sides) until you come across a tree not to far from the path. (it will be to the right of the path)

    3. At the tree try to get up on the rock a little bit to the left of the tree.

    4. Mount up.

    5. Get as far up on the mountain as mountain and then try to jump as far as you can and try to jump on the ledge sticking out of the mountain.

    6. Once on the ledge, there should be a little path that you can get up if you hit the right angle on the path.

    7. You will know you have found it because there will be 2 rocks side by side to your left.

    8. Once you are by the rock there are 2 moutains to your right. One is close to you and the other one is kinda far away. Try and get up the one close to you (again you got to angle it just right) and make your way to the mountains above the furblog tunnel.

    9. Then go to the valley and jump down a bit (and if you havent already) you got to mount again.

    10. You have to jump across 2 triangle looking shapes in the gound. Once there you have to always stay close to the edge on your left.

    11. After you are finaly at a end (where if you jumped off you will die) go back a bit and there should be a ledge to your right a little bit.

    12. Turn on your slow fall, levitate or nogg and jump off! (you may have to debuff yourself so you can land in water and take no damige)


    (Since making this took over 2 hours)

    *Things to note*
    1. Sorry for bad pic's
    2. There is not much to do there so if you are a lowbie dont feel bad
    3. If you are Alliance can you kill one and tell me how fast they respawn?

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    Well, I just did this on my human warrior, and after 26 minutes of popping noggenfogger elixers i got the slowfall buff.
    I jumped down and killed one of them. They have spawn rates of just regular mobs you see around the world.
    They drop 3.5+ silver each and some other items (food, occasional green etc.) just like normal mobs as well. The L.57-58s drop about 7 gold every time and can still be killing in groups to grind fast so it can give some good money.
    Seeing as how they are SO easy to kill, I just stayed a while and farmed quite a few gold before I had to go on a raid. Good place to check out for alliance.
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