Easy gold for lvl 60s with decent gear (or 2 60s with average gear) +disenchanting. menu

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    Easy gold for lvl 60s with decent gear (or 2 60s with average gear) +disenchanting.

    Okies, so alot of people here would already know this. However i do run into a lot of people who either do not know it or dont believe it.

    WARNING: This is not intended for people below 60 or 60s in greens. This may not be possible for some classes due to lack of dps or healing.

    In BRD, there are 2 bosses that are solo-able if not 2 mannable at 60 quite easily. (i just MC attuned a friends priest in a 3 man, my mage, 60 pally and 57 priest). Lord Incedious and High Inerrogator Gerstahn.

    Incendious is the one you want to focus on if you can get him down, as he will always drop a blue that disenchants into a large brilliant shard (worth between 5-10g each on my server, eonar). And he has the chance of dropping Ace of Elements which can sell for a lot, and by alot i mean 100g+. Also the chance of getting some Essence of fire and Core of Elements.
    Incendious is particularly easy if your geared correctly and specced correctly. IE, if your a MT with FR gear for MC, put on your FR gear he probably wont hurt you. This is easiest for a hunter, as hunter can have a bear to tank while the hunter does dps. Personally i am a frost spec mage in +crit and spell damage gear. Myself and a 60 pally (in pretty poor gear) were able to kill the fire elementals and then incendious in 1min 45sec (i know cus it was just before server shutdown ).
    Its pretty much a must to have the BRD key to do this, your not gonna want to fight your way to Incendious the other way, can be very slow. As far as strategy goes, i've only done it on my Mage. However i have seen a Teir1 hunter (minus his chest piece) do it without great difficulty. He died the first few times, but once you work out a strategy that suits you, its fairly easy.

    The other option is High Inerrogator Gerstahn. This fight can be hard, as you have to kill her, an add, 2 dogs and the dog master. Personally, i sheep the add right next to Gerstahn, then DPS as hard as i can on Gerstahn, when the 2 dogs and dog guy come, frost nova (crit chance +50%) then cone of cold. BAM 1400 Crits all round. For a mage, key to this fight is Ice Barrier and Ice Block.
    Other classes, you'll have to work out your own system. Her drops are not as good as Incedious, and she is slower to get to. But usually still get a large Bril shard.
    Do not go in thru the front way for this fight, go to the left and fight your way around the back of her, then pull her from the back. When pulled from the front she can fear you back into the rooms beind you and you agro lots and lots of dudes, and i have seen full groups wipe cus they under estimated the problem the fear posses with the groups behind you (unless you feel like taking the time to kill all of those ).

    Also on Incendious:
    - The larger fire protection pots cost about 10-14g a stack (5). If shards sell for 5g each. 1 pot per fight may help quite a bit and you still turn a fairly nice profit.

    OH! Almost forgot! Lord Roccor, he is a rare spawn (from what i have found, not too rare). Pretty much always drops a blue, easy solo.
    There are probably others here that are solo-able quite easily. However i have not tried others (with how quick it is to get to incendious, there is no need).

    Hope that helps some people with their repair bills. Pays for mine quite easily. Just as a note, its 1:30am at the moment, so if some sentences are a lil dodgy, its cus i'm real tired.
    (Sorry for excessive length, now you know why i dont post much, hehe)
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    Incendious is easy enough to Solo for me (60 Shadow Priest, not that well geared, with a Greater Fire Protection Potion, although I usually have to use a health pot and/or my Desperate Prayer. Although I do like to bring a Pally with me, makes it MUCH easier with his aura and/or extra heals and his stun.

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    BRD is a great instance for a rogue enchanter/miner. Lord Incendius currently is very difficult to solo since they buffed him. He now has a stackable FR debuff (-100FR per) and a knockback. Having FR gear is pretty useless because you'll be getting at least 3 ticks of the debuff. Using a FR pot and/or heal pot is a waste of money efficiency. You might save a gold off of your large brilliant shards, which you could probably get from the time invested in BRD. Its best to go in as a duo (for Lord Incendius and a few other bosses) with another stealther (druid/rogue is best). He also has a knockback, so keep your back to the forge at all times.

    Lord Roccor has not been a rare spawn since 1.10. His drops DE to Small brilliant shards and is easily soloable (all stuns work).

    Pyromancer Loregrain is another very easy soloable. He comes with two elite adds (sap or imp sap one). Kill Loregrain, loot and vanish. He goes down pretty fast. Make sure to take out his fire totem before you vanish (don't know if it does anything, but be careful when you can). He drops a blue everytime (DE SBS) and can drop Fiery enchant!

    Another possible solo, easy duo boss is Plugger in the bar. Buy the alcohol from him to lure the adds away (to kill). Pickpocket him for the key so you can aggro him. Burn him down as fast as possible. he does fire/shadow damage as he is a warlock. Not really efficient to kill because he doesn't always drop a blue, but if you want the barman shanker (who doesn't?) or his nice feral druid/rogue chest piece its worth it.

    Did I mention dark iron ore? There is a nice guide at www.wowwiki.com on how to get lots of DIO from there as a rogue/druid. Search for dark iron stealth guide.

    Also, it is possible to solo a few parts of the dark iron coffer. Having imp sap is best, but not necessary. Just read the painting quickly, then vanish. One of the two that isn't soloable is the one in the coffer room. Again, go to wowwiki for a detailed explanation of where the coffer can spawn. allakhazam has a good solo guide for this listed under the list of what the dark coffer drops. It will drop a green (sometimes nice formulas like increased moutn speed) and things needed for a libram enchant.

    I just got my rogue to 60 3 weeks ago and am starting to get decent loot. I haven't really tested a lot of these things solo, but I plan on spending lots of time here when not raiding (besides shooting down alliance in darkshire ) I've done all of these things with a druid friend and have gotten plenty of gold for the small amount of time in here so far.

    Good luck.
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