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    Prepping for Vaelastrasz the easy way

    This is a useful tip of practice for all of you would-be BWL raiders who have yet to down Vael or are having trouble with the encounter.

    Vael is all about transition tanking, the problem is the tanks assigned for this fight usually have a shitty time trying to take aggro from one another and on top of that healers don't enjoy or just can't seem to get switching heals over correct, Thus you wipe and get aggravated.

    Heres the solution my guild did on our MC runs to get our tanks / healers used to it before we were downing this encounter on a regular basis:


    Simple fight, Any guild that is attempting Vael or has any hopes of succeeding in BWL should have this down to a total science that results in a No-Death kill.

    The beauty of this fight and it's absolute simplicity is the fact that you can easily assign 4 tanks into this encounter and have them switch from 100% - 75%, 75% - 50%, 50% - 25% and 25% - 0%.

    The other nice part is that it's not out of the way of your regular raiding areas if MC is a common hotspot for you.

    It will give your tanks good practice for switching aggro between eachother and transition tanking in general, as well as giving the healers in the raid ample time to get transition healing down and become better capable of switching heals between active tanks.
    Since the Magmadar fight is so easy anyway its a perfect way to practice what is meant to be a fast paced aggro gain encounter.

    Worked for my guild when we were in a bit of a rut, maybe it'll do you some good.

    Prepping for Vaelastrasz the easy way

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