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    Hot fishing spots & fishing tips

    Hot Fishing Spots & Fishing Tips

    Glossy Mightfish
    I don't really go out of my way to catch these, they mostly just show
    up more than enough when fishing on the warf in
    Steamwheedle Port in tanaris.

    Summer Bass
    To be completly honest, I don't even usually pick them up when I do
    catch them, a +10 spirit buff is not something I
    place an extremely high value on. I seem to catch them when I'm in
    Steamwheedle, as far as I remember.

    Winter Squid
    Alright, Now, we're getting into my bread and butter. However, don't
    kid yourself. These are a Pain in the Rod, to catch.
    at best, they're like 6.x% drop. Personally, I fish these up at
    Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris. However, I hear that
    Bay of Storms fishing has a pretty good drop rate on these as well, I
    just haven't tried yet. This is an Awsome food for
    any class that benifits from agility. The +10 agility buff on this
    food stacks on top of any of the other HEC Buffs, as
    well as any other magical buffs, or buffs from elixirs etc. +10
    agility for 60 seconds of eating per hour is definitly
    not something to sneeze at. People pay multiple gold for a +7 agility
    enchant, so it's impossible to deny the benifit of
    a +10 agility boost from your food. Don't ever use this as a 'health
    regeneration food' though, only eat this food when
    you want to renew the agility buff, use cheaper food when all you want
    to do is regen health.

    Nightfin Snapper
    Ok, there is only one place that I fish Nightfins. That's the river
    north of Camp Mojache in Feralas. I haven't found
    any better place to fish these. I can catch a stack of 20 nightfins in
    the river there in 30 to 40 minutes. This food is
    awsome for mana users. It will restore 96 mana per minute, or 960 over
    the course of the 10 minute effect. That is an
    incredably nice thing to get from your food. And the best part is that
    this food is instant. You don't have to spend
    10 seconds eating it, just click and go. My guild's priests love this.
    I'm a Rogue, so a mana buff means nothing to me
    however, the fact that I can sell these on the AH for a 50s buyout per
    soup means a hell of a lot to me. that's 10 gold
    for 40 minutes of fishing. I'm like the only one on my server that
    ever even puts these up for auction. This food sells
    amazingly well.

    Sunscale Salmon
    You pretty much catch these, where you catch Nighfins. I've found the
    lake inside of Camp Mojache seems to have a slightly
    better drop on these than the river above it. However, if you're
    alliance, this may be a little out of the question. I've
    also caught them in Azhera, right outside the west entrance of
    Orgrimmar in the river. If you enter from Ashenvale, you
    shoulden't have any problem fishing this river if you are alliance.
    This is a great food for warriors. This food, along with
    a mighty trolls blood potion, combined with the warriors already
    'beefed up' regren rate is crazy. Again, this one is an
    instant cast as well, so you won't have to waste 10 seconds sitting
    down to eat it.

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    Re: Hot fishing spots & fishing tips

    V-Nice! ;D

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