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    Alternate C'Thun Guide

    Alternate C'thun guide

    Phase One Abilities & Mobs:
    Phase one starts by everyone standing outside his room on the walls. It has to me made sure that everyone knows that they must not go into C'thuns doorway or even look in there or he will cast his Eye beam and kill the entire raid instantly. You can however get past the doorway by hugging the back wall and walking past it there as it just out of C'thun's agro range.

    Eye Beam (Green beam)
    2625 - 3375 Nature damage. Eye of C'thun casts one every 3 seconds. This beam will jump to anyone within about 10 yards of the primary target and each time it jumps onto someone else it will double in damage.

    Dark glare (Red beam)
    43750-56250 Shadow damage on any player who passes through the beam which means instant death to anyone touching it, Just before C'thun casts this the main eye of C'thun will go cloudy and turn red. Then the beam will either go clockwise or anti clockwise for 180 degrees.

    Eye Tentacles
    Every 45 seconds eight small eye tentacles will spawn at the edge of the black expanse which seems to house C'thun, knocking back anyone standing within a few yards of their spawn points, equally spaced in a circle around him. These eyes have a mind flay that does 750 damage a tick, but are susceptible to many abilities such as counterspell, deathcoil, distracting shot, gouge or stuns. It is random target. These tentacles have around 2500 health.

    Claw Tentacles
    These tentacles spawn at random locations within C'thuns room. Their melee is fairly weak: approximately 200 damage per hit, but they also do a one-time knockback when they are spawned called Ground Rupture for 1350 - 1650 damage. These tentacles have around 1800 health. They are most annoying when they spawn beneath you and knock you near someone else and if unlucky you could be hit by a green beam as this happens causing great damage to anyone near.

    Phase One Walkthrough:
    Let me explain the basics of the fight before I go too much into starting it 1st. The trick of this fight is to get 40 players within C'thun's room without being close to each other this can be slightly tricky when 1st entering the room as C'thun will start casting the Green beam immediately and if he casts it upon the raid entering his room its instant death for a lot of people.

    Attachment 100

    So to achieve a clean entry with everyone alive it's best to separate the raid into 2 primary groups. Players to the left hand side of his room and players to the right hand side stand next to the wall before his room on their designated sides. When you move in its best to let the groups who are supposed to be at the far part of the room to enter the room before the rest. Once you have these 2 groups ready to go shield your MT and he must go in on a mount and go as close to the eye as he can. Once he is about half way between the entrance and the eye everyone else must go in, Be careful though as he will dis-mount as he is agroed so don't go too close to him as you can stay on your mount for about 10 seconds while entering the room before you get onto C'thun's agro list and you will auto dismount.

    Attachment 101

    Each group must peel off and stay towards the back of their area so others traveling through can go through and if they take the Green beam then they are not causing too much damage.

    Once each group is in position, you can start doing damage to C'thun. Every 45 seconds eight small eye tentacles will spawn at the edge of the black expanse which seems to house C'thun, knocking back anyone standing within a few yards of their spawn points. The second these spawn they MUST be interrupted using stuns, kicks, silences, counterspells, stomps and whatever else your groups have to interrupt their casts as they cast mind flay and can kill people fast and prevent them from moving as well.

    Once the Eye starts to cast Dark Glare all groups should run to their secondary positions which are located opposite them in the room. Depending on which way the beam is going obviously dictates which way everyone should move. Just make sure when doing this that if the Tentacles are due to spawn that a caster (mage preferably) stays around to kill the tentacle that spawns around where the red beam starts as this position will be empty for a while longer than the other positions. Make sure you also kill the claw tentacles too as they can be a pain if they appear in the main areas of the room and make people stay out of their correct positions. Keep repeating this until C'thun's Eye gets melted.

    Attachment 102

    Phase Two Abilities & Mobs:
    When you get the Eye of C'thun to 0% stage 2 starts, C'thun will rise from the ground and his eye will melt and you will see C'thun's body. You can go out of combat at this stage but you must time him getting to 0% and have all the Claw Tentacles dead around him too. If any are still around when he reaches 0% then you will still be in combat.

    Eye Tentacles
    these continue to spawn the same as in phase one, however they now spawn every 30 seconds instead of 45 like phase one.

    Giant Claw Tentacles
    Every 40 seconds, C'thun will summon a Giant Claw Tentacle at a random person's feet. Anyone on or near the spawn will take 3000-4000 damage from the Ground Rupture that occurs, as well as being knocked away across the room. They melee for about 1500 on a well-geared tank with tier 2 gear. They also have a Thrash ability (two extra attacks), meaning they will one-shot anyone who is not a tank. If no one is in range for an attack they will burrow and re-emerge, repeating the Ground Rupture attack. They have approximately 90,000 HP and there appears to be no cap on the number of tentacles that can be spawned at one time.

    Giant Eye Tentacles
    One of these will be summoned every 40 seconds like the Giant Claw Tentacles, but they are on a separate timer. They do the same Ground Rupture when they appear, and also melee just as hard. They repeatedly cast the same Eye Beam ability the Eye of C'thun uses in phase one. They have approximately 40,000 HP and, again, there appears to be no cap on the number of tentacles that can be spawned simultaneously.

    Stomach of C'thun
    The stomach of C'thun is an entirely separate room. Every 10 seconds, a tentacle will emerge and swallow a random person in the raid. You fall from the top of the new room into green water, and are given a stacking debuff called Digestive Acid that does a hefty amount of nature damage. The debuff reapplies itself about every 4 seconds, and can stack multiple times; after 20 seconds of being inside the stomach, you will have about 5 debuffs.

    You can swim out of the green water to one of three small landmasses. One of the landmasses has a blackish circle on it which throws you up out of C'thun and back to the surface; you can use this to exit at any time. However, there are two Flesh Tentacles in the stomach which have about 25,000 HP each and a melee attack. Killing the Flesh Tentacles makes the physical C'thun on the surface vulnerable for 45 seconds.

    Phase 2 walkthrough:
    In this stage all you have to do is kill the 2 tentacles in C'thun's stomach and he will become vulnerable for 45 seconds but the trick to this fight is to keep ahead or on top of the Giant Tentacles and the Giant Claw Tentacles. These will continue to spawn and if you do not keep with the spawn of them then you will start getting overwhelmed by them which will result in a wipe. The Giant eye tentacles are the main priority as they have a very nasty Green beam spell very similar to stage one C'thun's beam but it does more damage. The Giant eyes can be interrupted in casting the same as the small eye tentacles so concentrate on these 1st as they have relatively low hit points. Once you kill the Eye tentacles you must dps down the Giant Claws. As this is going on the Eye tentacles that spawn around C'thun will continue to spawn every 30 seconds.

    Its best to assign 1 person from each group to keep track of the timers and be ready in each of the 8 places to interrupt and kill them while the rest of the raid is either dealing with the Giant eyes and claws and a few are in C'thun's stomach killing the 2 tentacles in there. Make sure your guys in the stomach keep reporting how much hp they have left as you want to time the killing of the 2 tentacles in his stomach with everything killed above if possible so you have 45 seconds of everyone doing damage to C'thun.
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