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    A Few Places for Gold Farming

    BRD Stealth Run

    The best run I have had I got the Fiery Enchant (35g), and the Ace of Elementals (300g+) for about 10 minutes time in the instance. Those prices are on my server.

    My main is a rogue so this is written from a rogue point of view, but maybe you could do it with a druid?

    Follow the steps to solo Plugger for the Barman Shanker.

    The only variation on a Plugger (barman shanker) run is right after the Shadowforge lock. Go up the ramp and then go straight up the second ramp and cross the Ring of Law. You can pickpocket these guys for about 3-4s each if you feel like it. Free money. After crossing, go immediately to your right and see if Pyromancer Loregrain is there.

    If he is, kill him. You need to kill him first, if you kill his adds and vanish, they spawn right back. I sap one, then ambush Pyromancer. I eviscerate immediately so that I don’t waste combo points. Then I blind the second add. It will depend on your set up, but I can blade flurry to do them both if I need to. I generally have to use evasion for this fight. I use Instant poison and Mind Numbing. I vanish after the boss and then the two adds are simple by themselves with a sap. I often need a single heal potion for this one.

    He has been spawning pretty frequently for me (1 in 3?), and he drops the Fiery Enchant about 30% of the time. Thottbot probably says different, but those are my estimates based on my running it.

    Go back through the Ring of Law and continue with the Plugger run. May as well kill him since he is easy, and then the door will open for you to get to Lord Incendius. I recommend killing the little gnomes in the room with the golems too (can't recall name of the room, manufactory?). The gnomes have been known to drop Black Diamonds.

    After killing plugger, go out the door and drop down to Incendius’ level. Avoid the elementals with him.

    Poisons don’t work so I use Dense Sharpening stones. I have to drink a greater fire resist potion and put on all of my fire resist gear (I am at 127fr). I am far from “epic’d out”. He kicks you, and the lava is death so line up well and go for it. I open with distract and ambush. I have to use my prep for this fight, and both evasions. I have not had to use thistle tea (I trashed the recipe, just got it back) but I am going to start using it. I also end up using my lifestone, whipper root tubers, and a heal potion. I recently added crystal restores, and night dragon’s breath so I am hoping it gets easier.

    No lie…it is a tough fight. With the new items I added I think it will go easier but it can be done. The Ace is a pretty rare drop, but a damn nice prize

    It is fun as hell and gives a nice feeling of accomplishment…and “it’s a rogue thing” which rocks.


    A short cut to Incendius does not require you to open the shadowforge lock. You jump out the window right before it, drop to the walkway, and can go straight to him.

    You can also solo the rock lord in the first area. Time the dogs as they are death to stealthers. He hasn’t dropped much worthwhile for me though

    The bad news

    Getting out alive is a PAIN, so I usually hearth from there. The damn dogs are just a nightmare on the way out.

    ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________

    DM East Stealth Run
    Tired of Tyr's Hand? Want to do something Chinese Farmers can't do? Try solo bosses in DM East. You do need (dis)enchanting to be able to make the most of it, but read on.

    Resetting an instance:

    Invite someone to your party, leave party, log out during the countdown to Iron Forge and log back in, you will not only reset the instance but also be teleported back to the start of the instance.

    How to get to them:

    Lord Incendius you can reach by jumping out of the window right before the door that is activated by the bridge. Land and travel a hall of fire elementals and you will see him next to the anvil.

    Lethendris is the lady with imp. Go DM East side entrance (the main entrance is east of arena, the side entrance is east of the hall way going into arena). Go to the northeast corner of the room, take the tunnel and make the first right, you may have to kill one of the stealthed satyrs but it is very easy. You should see a long stair and she is right above the platform with her imp.

    Can I make money killing them:

    Both are soloable, the amount of consumables you need to spend is completely depend on your gear. The better your gear, less consumables you need, more money you make. While you can grab another Rogue to do this, the amount of money divided in half makes it not as good as Tyr's Hand.


    I use DPS FR gear, which is basically any FR gear that also adds stats along with my regular gear. I have about 100 unbuffed and 4300 health, 660 attack power in this set. I stand next to him and turn on blade flurry to open, SS then AR, SS to 5 combo points, expose armor, slice and dice and SS into evis to finish. This fight is wildly depend on luck. Sometimes I kill him with 3000 health left, sometimes he force me to drink a superior healing potion. Your mileage may vary.

    He drops a lot of valuable stuff. Elemental fire, essence of fire, his greens and blues can be disenchanted into large brilliant shards, greater eternal essences, and illusion dusts. Last but not least, he has a chance to drop Ace of Elementals, drop rate I believe has been upped from 1% (my friend used my character to farm it and got it on third run, I tried it myself tonight and got it on fifth run, he used his warrior to farm it and got it again, that is 3 aces in about 30 runs for us).


    Mind numbing poison is very helpful here. I open with CS on the imp and AR into 5 point KS and basically kill him as fast as I can, he does amazing damage and I try to stunlock him to death. If I am not dotted at this point, vanish. If I am dotted, SS Lethendris a few times and KS, sprint away vanish. Even if I am dotted, it usually allows me to get out of combat and I will be able to restealth and regen. It is best you start the fight behind the bonfire as far away from the stair as possible, so you can run after you kill the imp. Restealth and regen, wait for your cooldowns, it is impossible to kill both in one run without using resistance potions which defeats the purpose of a money run.

    Lethendris herself has a lot of health. I try to AR into 5 CP expose armor and work it from there. She, like the imp, is stunnable but not gouge/blindable. I generally drop her with at most one superior healing potion, sometimes a tea is needed, sometimes I don't need to use anything. My regular gear is used for this fight.

    She has a nice loot table. Other than blues/greens to be disenchanted, you get your big money when a class book drops, or heaven forbid the warrior epic quest book.


    15-25G a hour from disenchanted shards and essences. Class books, essence of fire all significantly enhance your income. And yes, they do drop often enough to be a significant factor.

    Ace of Elemental may be the most expensive blue item in the game. Warrior epic book is worth more than a Krol Blade. Your chance to get those is higher than getting an epic at Tyr's Hand.


    You have to use up maximum instance resets (5 per hour) which means you can't have too many corpse runs. Dying at Incendius and you get a corpse run that is longer than dying at Hearthglen.

    You have to have top notch gear to minimize the use of consumables which eats into your bottomline. And yes, a combat build works best, most of your damage in solo PVE, you have to do it in their face. AR being 6 minute timer is also more accessible than Prep. When I kill Lord Incendius, by the time I get back to him, my AR still has 3-4 min left on the cooldown.

    ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________

    Most Popular Farming Spot

    Go to Azshara.

    Go to the north mid part. It starts with massive timbermaws, then more east is blood elfs, than even further is legashi demons. I havent killed any of the timbermaw's seeing as im friendly with them. I kill blood elves for nice runecloth drops. But the Legashi demons are the best. Blues, Greens, Epic (On the occasion), and Runecloth and Felcloth. Insane money if you just mass on them. Low hp also.

    ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________

    Icy Chill Enchant Farming

    Its nothing too "secret," but if you don't know this, it may prove to be helpful to gain a quick daily 10-15 gold. The reccomended level would be 55-60. At 55-58, this is even a good grind spot, as the mobs are easy to kill.

    Ok now to the information. Its simple! Just go to Winterspring, and kil these:http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/mob.html?wmob=7524
    (Scroll down to the bottom to see where the mob is!)

    for an Icy Chill enchant formula. They sell generally about for 10-15 gold on servers, and I just sell them for about 13 gold every day. I can get one of these anywhere from 5-25 minutes of killing them, even when there are 4 other people killing them. Although there arent many mobs to go around, they respawn very fast, and have proven to be a great spot to grind. I have found that after I get the formula, I have a much harder time finding another one, so just do it daily / once every 10 hours or so, and I think you will like the outcome!

    Thats all I have to say, and if this has been posted before, or I am dumb and everyone does this, sorry!
    ________________________________________________________________________________ __________

    hope that is able to help you

    A Few Places for Gold Farming
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    Re: A Few Places for Gold Farming

    Very good! +rep

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