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    Mmo Kings- suprised me!

    Now I know what you guys are thinking, Octech you can buy gold from blizzard directly now. Why order..? #1 the Price, you can get a much larger amount of gold from a cheaper price than a wow token. #2 The actual process for order from the website was quick by 40 minutes than blizzards in-game service. #3 support the little guys, blizzard is a multi-million dollar company, money really isn't an issue for them. So the fact they control the in-game economy gives them a huge profit margin on in-game currency.Basically you're wow token is a rip off. 26k gold for 20$ or 100k for 40$.

    The whole process took about 20 minutes, I placed my order online, then clicked the live help because, after I placed it a screen that said; your order is under review. And I wasn't really sure what followed. So I clicked the live help expecting to speak with someone from china or japan or something. But the dude was pretty much american from what I could tell.We chatted for a few minutes and he had to verify my account and billing information before he could deliver. After the verification process, I received and invite from an in-game character. Then an ingame message"org now" "come to me" (it all felt so very secretive). I traveled to org and met the guy, he marked me with a skull so I was easy to find, Opened trade and gave me the money. The whole process took about 20 minutes and I was very impressed.

    Website 8/10- it could have been a 10 if there was an explanation as to what happens after the order. I got nervous at first.
    Service 10/10
    Payment process-10/10
    Speed 10/10
    Safety with credit card info- I will update this as we proceed, I used a prepaid card to be safe, But left a few extra dollars on it, to see if anyone would try to use it.

    Very good service, Highly recommend, Use good judgement on payment options.

    My Gold ordering tips

    Always use prepaid card, Have alternative name/email attached to card and billing info.
    Never give gold back "its a trap"
    Try not to hang around the same area where the exchange took place, "the more data blizzard has to mine through to find the gold, the better"
    Spend it sooner than later, don't save it. You have increased chances of blizzard finding it if u save it. You obviously bought it for something you want. So Buy it!
    Don't tell people in the game. People get jealous, or mad or just think you're cheating. So Don't tell them. They will report you and there no reason they need to know.
    Keep an eye on you blizzard account. MMo Kings now has your name, address, account info and phone number. Thats 90% of what it takes to steal an account take back the gold and sell all your shit. I don't think these guys would do that. But never the less, "PROTECT YOURSELF" go in change login information add authenicator change emails(in fact you should never even use the email attached to your wow account) After the transaction. Its just a smart move.

    Thats all, Hope this was helpful! Be Sure to visit (MMOKings Discount code)

    For a 5% discount code and the "master thread for mmo-kings"


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    Mmo Kings suprised me

    So Thankful that you were able to share to us concerning The Deaths of the Targaryen Kings, since I was not able to keep on watching all the Episodes of the said movies.

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