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    Automatic Goblin Therapist Updater?

    So this addon called AGT has been broken since 4.0 and got deleted a long time ago from wowinterface.

    Here's the original description:

    Ever had an annoying conversation with one of these morons who couldn't shut up?
    A brainsick lvl 1 orc asks you every few minutes for some gold?
    Whispers with "u r healer?"; over and over again?

    From now on your personal Automatic Goblin Therapist will do the job for you. He will do the full conversation for you - guarding your back AND doing all the treatment.

    Every character who whispers you is added to the Waiting Room.
    A left click on a character in the Waiting Room moves it to Surgery where the last whisper and all further whispers are automatically answered by your diligent Goblin Therapist.
    A second left click will move the character back to the Waiting Room.
    A right click kicks the character out of Surgery or Waiting Room and opens a seat for new patients.

    To don't confuse the conversation partner the Therapist answers in a natural manner. He's typing 500 characters per minute. So don't complain about him.
    Surgery or not ... the Goblin Therapist will not automatically respond to any whispers if you are afk or dnd.
    Furthermore the Goblin Therapist will inform you if the patient ignores you.
    Characters will be automatically removed from the Surgery and the Waiting Room after 5 minutes without any new whispers.
    The Goblin Therapist is able to handle up to five patients simultaneously.
    Configuration via the Blizzard interface menu
    It was a great addon to annoy the people who annoy you most of the time.

    If there is anyone interested in getting this updated and also knows how please contact me so I can send you the lua files. Or get them here: Internet Archive Wayback Machine

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