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    How to get account info on scammed account(short version included)

    This is for accounts in which you only have User Name and Password

    This requires a little bit of luck and a lot of social skills.

    What you do:

    Log onto your scammed account that you only have the User name and Password. Hopefully you have had the account for more than a week so you are pretty sure the account can not be recalled.

    Once you know all this you should be logging onto the accoutn randomly seeing what times and if someone talks to you. If it is a level 1 tell them that you do not know what they are talking about and that you feel really uncomfortable talking about it on WoW and give them your aim/msn that you wish to talk to them on.

    If it is a level 70 it is more than likely their friend talking to you for them. Tell them to tell whoever thinks they are the owner to contact you on you messenger and to stop bugging you or you will report for harassment.

    If they threaten to tell a GM on you do not worry. I have tested what will happen if you contact a GM about this sort of problem and the GM says that they can do nothing unless you have control of the account. I even asked to get the account shut down or have a password changed and they said they couldn't. So just tell them that there is no reason to report you becasue you are the owner of the account.

    Now that you have them talking to you outside of wow!!

    There are a few things you can now do.

    I always tell them that I am just checking out a character my friend had on his screen and that he lives a few floors below me and that i do not know any of the account info. This way they dont get to angry and will continue to talk to you.

    What you are doing here is being a "middle man" between the guy who got scammed and the guy who has the account.

    Now, you should tell them that the guy who owns it says he bought it and that he won't let go of the account without getting some kind of compensation.

    At this point there are 2 paths you can go.
    Path 1 You can talk to the guy and get him to pay you about 50 dollars or whatever you want to say you paid for the account. This usually works for people who have money, but if they don't have money you need to go ahead and step on down to path 2

    Path 2 Here you can pretend like you are really mad that you got a scammed account and you are investigating it and if you find out that it really is a scammed account that you will recall your pay pal info and give them the account

    Now they are starting to like you


    While you are investigating say stuff like. The guy told me that he was the original owner of the account. And he even sent you a copy of his ID. And ask them the name of the real owner so you can compare the 2.

    If they know this then you have the full name and can transfer toon to a new account. If they dont know for sure you really have nothing to worry about and can keep your accoount and transfer it to a new server/change the name/ or do whatever you would like.

    Summary for those that have ADD like me and dont like reading long posts.

    Step 1: Tell the person who claims to own the account to talk to you on aim
    Step 2: Tell them that your friend bought it and you have none of the account info
    Step 3: Claim that your "friend" said he bought it from the original owner and that he wants to know who the scammed person thinks the real owner is so he can confirm. (Always be nice and tell them that you are trying to help them and let them know that you dont have the account info an the guy will not give you the info until he knows for sure it is scammed)
    Step 4a: Hopefully you now have the last name and you can transfer it to a new account and get that account banned.
    Step 4b: If you want you can tell the person that who has been scammed that if you give him some sort of payment that will compensate what you paid for the account you will give them their account back ( you can really give it back or not. Up to you)

    How to get account info on scammed account(short version included)
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    doesnt make sence to me

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