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    Possible Enchanting Scam (Not Very Likely to Come up... but maybe)

    I checked and didn't see anything like this, sorry if it is a repost. The first part is how I came across it, ( I didn't intend it to be a scam) but it can be used as a scam.

    LPE=Lesser Planar Essences
    GPE=Greater Planar Essences

    Ok, So someone wanted me to enchant an item for them, the mats were Three (3) LPE. I linked it to him. He asked me if I had mats I said, yes.

    He asked me how much, and I linked GPE and said I sell these for 7-8g each. After doing the enchant he put up 25g. He did not realize that 1GPE=3LPE.

    I told him this and said thanks for the honesty and said it is just a large tip =).

    I doubt this case will come up very often but I suppose it could work with any of the mats that 1 Greater (or Large) turns into a Lesser (or Small). Just link the higher priced one and tell them the cost, if they are not paying much attention they may pay you the worth of that item times the number of the lesser items needed.

    Like most scams it is not a guarantee to work, it really just depends on how much attention the buyer is paying. But, it is worth a shot... it is not like you can get banned for them not paying attention, especially if you tell them.

    Not to mention; If you are worried about your characters reputation you could do like I did and tell them, maybe they will let you keep the extra price they paid... and think you are trustworthy.

    If anyone ever gets the chance to try this I hope it works for you.

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