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    actual gold seller convo's (scams) post here

    Just making a thread about players trying to scam gold sites.

    Here is my on-the-spot rules that im not asking you to follow, but it would be great if u did.

    1. please post the site u tried to scam on

    2. please do not try another site some1 else has tried (or at least try it a few weeks later)

    3. please do not try more than 3 a week. is my convo at they said some intersting things LOL/ but they had me from the start. (failed)

    note: i am ying

    Ying: I have made an order about 3 days ago for 300 gold and i havn't recieved it yet, when i first made it i had a confirmation email stating you had recieved my credit card, so i deleted it thinking i would get my gold in the next 24 hours. I am yet to recieve my gold, please tell me what is going on?

    You are now speaking with Joan of Game Currency.

    Ying: Hello Joan

    Joan: before checking,may i know the item number or char name of your ordeR?

    Ying: *****, #mgs060924023359H8HJ (note this is accessed easilly without making an order)

    Joan: Please wait a moment,let me check.

    Ying: kk

    Joan: have you got a payment receipt from paypal?

    Ying: no i used credit card and as i said i deleted my confirmation email

    Ying: which is a bummer ( i wont do that again!)

    Joan: Why you deleted your confirmation email?

    Ying: because it said it confirmed my delivery, i have ordered a few times and just deleted my confirmation email because my hotmail is running out of space, but i have ordered b4 and detletd and got my gold fine, i didn't think this time would be any different from the others

    Ying: i am sorry for the inconvienence this has caused...

    Ying: please excuse my spelling, i am still learning english

    Joan: But according to our histroy,we have not got your payment yet

    Ying: what????

    Ying: then why did u send an email saying you have recieved it?

    Joan: We sent an email?

    Ying: yes!

    Ying: omg

    Ying: check ur history again, i swear...

    Joan: Could you pleaes forward us that email?

    Ying: no i deleted it as mentioned above

    Joan: Sir,i should tell you that the order you placed is invalid

    Ying: what?

    Joan: it means we have not got any payment from you

    Ying: what the hell?

    Ying: so what your saying is, i have lost money that i payed for 300g AND you sent a confirmation email, now ur telling me u never got any order

    Ying: so effectivly - your scamming me?

    Joan: We did not send you any confirmation email

    Ying: ...

    Joan: how can i believe you got the email?

    Ying: dont u have an outbox?

    Joan: If you cannot forward us that email

    Ying: because i deleted it!

    Ying: check your outbox

    Joan: Or have you got a transaction ID about that order?

    Ying: i think it was in the email, which was deleted

    Ying: plz i have to go to MC in 10 mins, wher is my 300g?

    Joan: Did you use paypal to place your order?

    Ying: no

    Joan: Credit card?

    Ying: yeah

    Joan: I should tell you sir,we cannot accept credit card directly

    Ying: yeh ill give u link

    Joan: I think you should check your credit card company before coming here

    Joan: The payment did not pay through

    Ying: ill give u the link just wait a second

    Ying: i got it, want me to send u a screenshot

    Ying: the payment must have gone through because i got confirmation email

    Ying: i can send you screenshot of where to pay with credit card, this is ludacrist, u cant even know ur own companies limits...

    Ying: excuse me if i seem rude

    Ying: just annoyed i payed for my 300g and havnt got it

    Ying: and i gtg to MC

    Joan: never mind

    Ying: never mind???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ying: what kind of customer service is that?

    Ying: MGS is ****ing bull****.

    Joan: I mean never mind for your annoying

    Ying: oh sorry!

    Ying: lol please except my humble appolgies!

    Ying: MGS has been reliable in the past, this is my first hang, im sure we can work through it

    Joan: Yes,i think so

    Ying: Please forgive my uncalled for anger

    Joan: But have you checked your credit card company?

    Ying: just very worried i want my 300g

    Ying: yes

    Ying: i rang them before i made this to check if i did lose money lol

    Ying: and i did

    Ying: $34.77 USD to be exact

    Ying: but they couldn't specify WHO it was sent to (but i knew)

    Ying: which is wierd lol

    Ying: (dam im late for MC, but i will work through this and do MC some other time)

    Joan: Do you still remember the content of that confirmation email?

    Ying: no

    Ying: i have a terrible memory, i honestly cant remember much of it

    Joan: The email confirms that You have paid --- $34.77 USD

    Ying: yeh

    Joan: but do you remember paid to whom?

    Joan: --- ?

    Ying: MGS? i dunno lol

    Ying: my bank confirms i have paid $34.77 USD as well

    Ying: which is $300 of gold that i remind again, havn't recieved yet after over 72 hours and am missing out on MC in the meantime

    Joan: But we have not got any payment from you

    Joan: so how can we send out the godl without any payment?

    Ying: ...then why u send email?

    Ying: what the ****

    Joan: We did not send you any email

    Ying: i payed u and u sent email back, my bank say i lose $34.77 USD

    Ying: check ur outbox

    Joan: You can check the details on your credit card company about this payment

    Joan: It did not pay through

    Ying: yes it did

    Ying: U ****ING SCAMMERS

    Joan: and this payment will be return to you again


    Joan: No,we are not a scammer


    Joan: we have many customers everyday



    Joan: they are satisfied with our service


    Joan: you can ask them about our company

    Joan: i can give you the information of our customers

    Ying: they are probably relitives

    Ying: and i belive i have made past orders and i am a customer and i have a right to put my comments to the open public

    Joan: Do you think it is necessary for us to get your 33$ ?

    Ying: of course

    Ying: do u think its necessary for me to get my 300g? i think not

    Ying: u dont care because im a small customer?

    Ying: u just scam me $30 i worked for

    Ying: im not rich IRL but i like to save slowly, and now u just rip it off me

    Joan: If you get the fact,you will regret about it

    Ying: the only person regretting everything is you

    Joan: We never scam any one

    Ying: u scammed me

    Ying: what do i have to regret? well yeah ur right, i have regretted sending anything to MGS

    Ying: why am i getting angry at you? im guessing if it were up to u, u would give what i deserve, can i please speak to your manager or superviser?

    Your party has left this session.

    Ying: scammers, i cant belive it

    Ying: i cant belive it

    Joan: If we are scammers,do you think how can we keep so long ?

    Joan: We are a big company,you can check it

    Ying: because u have fake customers



    Ying: if u wern't scammers, i would have 300g sent to my char right now

    Ying: thats the fact, deal with it

    Joan: Ok.let me tell you a way to resolve this problem

    Ying: im listening

    Joan: You can send a claim to your credit card company about this matter

    Ying: [email protected]#$

    Ying: look i dont want my money back, i want my gold

    Ying: thats wht i exchanged money for gold in the first place

    Ying: *why

    Ying: i know your trying to be helpfull

    Ying: but seriously, send me my rightful gold

    Ying: have u got the right info? or ?

    Joan: Oh,i am sorry,we cannot deal with this kind of customer

    Ying: what?

    Ying: u cannot deal with me because i was scammed?

    Joan: Yes,i think so

    Ying: so u admit it

    Ying: thanks, this information will be used against you in some way or another

    Ying: whether its to the head of MGS or to a jury

    Ying: can i please speak to your superviser/manager?

    Ying: ...

    Ying: .......

    Ying: where is my gold that i payed for

    Ying: are u choosing not to reply?

    Ying: put the manager on

    Ying: my patience is all but gone

    Joan: You said,we are scammer,why would you like the godl again?

    Ying: i havn't recived any gold

    Ying: so im not getting it 'again'

    Joan: You can send a claim,then get back your payment

    Ying: no i cant

    Ying: i have tried while i was talking here

    Joan: It is impossible

    Ying: the bank service is 'temperally unavailable'

    Ying: and u havn't sent my gold

    Ying: addmited to scamming

    Joan: Yes,you said temperally

    Ying: so?

    Joan: so you can try it again later

    Ying: HAH

    Ying: look

    Ying: u;ve addmited u've scammed me, please send me my gold...or things will get...messy.....

    Ying: are u even reading this?

    Ying: you dont give a HOOT about customer service, not a HOOT

    Ying: you couldn't care less

    Joan: i have nothing to say about it

    Ying: so mygamestock has nothing to say about customer service

    Ying: look things are really going to get messy for u, are u going to send me my 300g that i payed for or not?

    Ying: because i dont want things to get messy

    Ying: the washing powder smells funny and the grass stains are hard to get out

    Ying: j/k

    Ying: ok so u dont give a s*** about customer service, lets hope u give a **** about my lawers and a **** about a courtroom and a **** about a jury and a **** about a 1million dollar fine and 30 years imprissionment (maximum penalty)

    Ying: and if have nothign to say about customer service

    Ying: and admit to scamming, i dont see how MGS is so successfull without cheating something along the line

    Ying: r u even reading????????/

    Ying: hello?>

    Ying: i cant belive this

    Ying: char name: ***** Server: ***** Horde US amount 300g thats wat i payed for, i've given u 48 hours to pay it, its been over 72

    Joan: i should tell you that our credit card payment method is not working now

    Ying: ohh thats it aye?

    Ying: not working

    Joan: it is impossible for us to get the money by CC

    Ying: your even worse at lying that u are scamming

    (i closed convo relising they had me)
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    Re: actual gold seller convo's (scams) post here

    char name: (original name was here) Server: (Original server was here)

    Pays to read what you are posting before you post it. You edited this information out in the top.
    Last edited by cobra12au; 09-24-2006 at 09:10 AM.

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    Re: actual gold seller convo's (scams) post here

    ty, plz send in private message next time!!!

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