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    [H][EU] Looking for Hunter/Mage/Shaman for a CM Boost team.

    As the title explains, we are looking to go into boosting Challenge Modes as a 4 man team and need a Hunter/Mage/Shaman to strengthen our ranks.
    We are ex-boosters with plenty of experience and would require similar of you.

    Here is how it works: - No matter what the server is you play on, you get customers on your server, we split the gold evenly. Eventually you will have gold on our servers and we will have it on yours, due to doing boosts on more then one server. Then we can exchange it between ourselves.

    - Hunter, Mage or Shaman class (The party composition requires these three classes, do not bother applying otherwise)
    - Obviously a 8/8, previous boosting experience is highly valued, not mandatory but it helps.
    - Geared completely optimized for your role/spec. If you are missing an item or two it is fine, we will consider it a 'temporary faulty', just do not come completely without items because it is not acceptable. This includes the BoE trinkets, Full Stat optimization etc.
    - Be able to pull ridiculous numbers.
    - Will to learn, adapt, express, etc.

    Availability is the MOST IMPORTANT attribute you should have. This means, for the most part, that we are looking for people that are not raiding, or in other words, you can raid, but CMs must not suffer for it. We can/could shift things around to not mash into raid hours, however it is not acceptable to say things like: "I have a raid today, all day is off because I need to prepare/relax" (<----- that is bullshit)
    - Commitment to the group has to be TOP Priority, think of it in a way that people in high ranked progressive guilds think of their guild runs. It takes precedence over anything else. Sure you can have RL issues, it is understandable, so long as we can keep to the schedule. No need to be present 24/7, but when you are not present we need a heads-up for it, basically.

    Description of an ideal candidate would be a student, or an overdue student (even better), bachelor , whatever, that is unemployed or works from home, with pretty much constant 'presence' on the computer for communication purposes, this type of person could at times have some real life obligations, but none of them would be 'constantly reoccurring on a daily basis' such as late afternoon work hours or classes that take forever. This candidate would have deep love of CMs, try-harding and a will to learn and advance as a team. Elitist attitudes however are unwelcome.

    You think you got what it takes?
    Contact me on Skype (ratim91) with a message "CM BOOST TEAM" for a brief interview.

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