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    Looking for advice on furthering my Guide.

    Hello, I've been working on a Healing guide and I'm rather newb at it. Was wondering if you guys / gals could help me in making it better.

    Here it is...

    1. Efficiency & Over healing

    2. Range and positioning

    3. Knowledge of your class' mechanics

    4. Knowledge of your tank's mechanics

    5. Knowledge of your dps's mechanics

    6. Knowledge of the encounter

    7. Itemization

    8. Knowledge of your competition

    9. Alertness & foresight

    10. Making Sacrifices

    1.) Efficiency & Overhealing

    The oh so debated issue of Healers. I'll not go into great detail on this issue considering we already have a nice topic dedicated to this subject.

    While efficiency is preached to be the ultimate goal of all healers, the true goal of ours is to be effective. It does not matter how much mana you have left after an encounter, what matters is that you was able to complete the encounter successfully. Basically, don't worry if your going to overheal your target. Yes over healing hurts your efficiency, and yes the more efficient you are the longer you can heal. But does it matter if you are efficient if you tank dies on you? No an Effective healer is more important then an efficient healer. Try to be as efficient as possible with out risking success.

    2.) Range and positioning

    An often neglected part of healing, is the range of our heals and how best to position oneself to best perform ones roles. Sadly one does not always have a strong choice of where one can stand do to limitations; Line of Sight, potential aggro from mobs, and small rooms being a few. However, there are a few things you must learn to take to your advantage.

    How can you take advantage of range and positioning? First you must know the range and limitations of your spells. Is it 40 or 20 yards, does it require line of sight? Second you must determine what places are safe. Beside a tank is usually one of least safe places. Third you must understand being 20+ yards away from the tank actually lowers your threat (By about 20%). Fourth you must realize that some spells require party members to be with in a certain proximity of you.

    Sadly, there is no ultimate answer for this as it changes to environment, mechanics of the encounter, and which spells are needed at the time. It is up to you to figure out.

    3.) Knowledge of your class' mechanics

    Indeed it is important for you to know exactly how your class works. What are its strengths and weaknesses is just the beginning. Learn how your talent choices affect your gear's influence to your healing output, longevity, and survivability. Know how your spells work, and how best to use them. (Obviously I can't go into detail at this time over priest considering that would take and entire topic all together.)

    4.) Knowledge of your tank's mechanics

    This is very important and very often overlooked by many healers. Knowing how your tank holds aggro against your healing is imperative to keeping yourself and thus your party alive. What form of energy do that use mana or rage? What are the tanks strengths? What are the tanks weaknesses? Is your tank uncrittable? How about Uncrushable? Does your tank mitigate mostly by armor, block, dodge, or parry? Does certain spells hurt your tanks ability to gain rage or threat? Does your tank even know what uncrittable and uncrushable mean? How does your tanks threat scale with mitigation?

    These are things you really need to know. Sometimes you even have a few spells and heals that actually make your tanks life easier.

    5.) Knowledge of your dps's mechanics

    Ah yes another overlooked aspect of healing.

    Now many of you might ask... Why do I need to know or care how a mage does damage or escapes it? I just need to keep them alive! Err WRONG!

    Know what that mage can do and how he does it, can make your healing life easier. A couple examples... Standing next to a mage during boss fights practically ensures safety as that mage could sheep or frost nova a mob running toward you and him/her. Or standing next to that hunter! Frost trap for the win (Though do note bad hunters will feign death and let the party wipe.) It's not just limited to mages, any of the dps has something that can save or help their healers.

    6.) Knowledge of the encounter

    Ah, we are all abit lazy every now and then. Not wanting to research an event/encounter and take things by the thrill of the moment... To bad sometimes that thrill happens to be a bomb blowing up your entire party...

    Do at least try and learn what happens during events, and how to maximize positioning/spell usage during it. As well as doing any extra roles that are placed upon you Smile Afterall... knowing harbring Skyriss can double mindflay you could influence you to keep yourself at max health the entire fight.

    7.) Itemization

    Ah yes, the true addiction to the game... Loot!

    However which loot is best for you? It all depends on your spec and play style. (Again one of those things that would take an entire other topic to discuss... if not several.)

    8.) Knowledge of your competition

    You may be asking yourself... why do I need to worry about my competition? Well how about knowing that Chain heal scales at 155% and Earth Shield at 300%? Or that pallies have the most efficient heal in the game as their fast cast? Wait what about prayer of mending or Life bloom?

    Know what the other healers have is important to know because, they are your competition when it comes to finding competent 5-man raids. They are also important comrades when in raids. Afterall, sometimes the other guy is just plain better for the job. Nothing irks me more then seeing a Pally or Priest Multi target heal while a shammy single targets...

    9.) Alertness & foresight

    Often I find healers falling into the Wack the mole game, paying no head to patterns in their healing. You need to learn who is going to be taking how much damage during a specific event. Try watching the boss a little more and less of the wack the mole screen. Maybe you'll notice her charging up an uber pawning fireball of doom on your mage before it actually hits?

    Try to stay ahead of the healing. Know who is going to need healed next is more important, efficient, and effective then knowing who needs healed a moment ago.

    I'll admit, this is the single hardest part. It takes knowledge in everything else I have mentioned to master this element of healing. And I have only scratched the surface, I often find myself behind rather then ahead.

    10.) Making Sacrifices

    Eventually you will run into situations where you have to choose. And often you have to choose quickly. Most of the time it is already clear, like when your tank needs healed aswell as a dps. Obviously the tank is chosen and you let the dps die. However sometimes it is between two dps, or the tank and you...

    What ever the choice maybe, don't think about it to much. Make your choice swiftly and stick too it. It may have be the wrong choice sometimes, but I find it is better to act then ponder. When you ponder the situation gets worst.

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