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    WoW Account sharing question

    Anyone have experience sharing wow account with a friend who lives in the same country.
    Does Blizzard actively seek out and ban such cases?
    Do they give a warning first?
    What is the ideal way to share accounts without raising suspicion? (Enable 2FA and then share, log in patterns etc)

    We won't be doing hardcore content like pushing PvP ladders or Mythic raids and such to get under the radar, how safe will it be?

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    As far as I know they only do suspensions, and since you're in the same country it shouldn't really be an issue.

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    I shared my account with 10+ people on 4+ different countries. Never used 2FA. They log in, the account gets locked due to suspicious activies, I unlock it, they play.
    Never had any warning or anything.

    Been doing that a lot before WoD, not sure if they care nowadays.

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