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    Using g15 keyboard, + titan honor mod for auto-joining afk bg?

    :wave: hello everyone, I've been trying to create a afk ...well, its not a bot, just an afk tool that will auto join BG's for me for token farming WITHOUT using a bot.

    I'm using the G15 macro utility and the 'Honor' titan panel addon (which auto accepts bg invites after 30seconds)).

    My logic is, zoom camera so that its in first person and stand inside of the battleground NPC that you want to join, then using the g15 macro utility, have it 'right click, then left click, then wait 25seconds, then jump 10-20times' and I put that on a looper.

    I went back in game and manually went to join the bg so that the mouse was over the 'signup' button, then hit my macro. It accepted and got me in the bg, but once inside it seemed to stop the macro. I coudln't jump or anything.

    NEeds a bit of tweaking but I think im on to something. any ideas? (+ I've read the g15 threads on these forums, but none seem to mention anything about rejoining). ta

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