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    Permanently destroy your Portable Portals (Spirit Lodge) in Garrison!

    I have absolutely no practical use that I could come up with for this, which is why I am posting it here and not in exploits.

    I'm talking about the two elementals from the Spirit Lodge that you can move around and set as a teleporter/speed buff/heal/shield etc.

    Step 1. Place one (I haven't tried both, maybe I should!) in a basement or up some steps. For example, the Frostwall Inn when upgraded has a staircase and a basement.
    Step 2. Remove the building from your garrison.


    The result was: The little portal dude that I put upstairs in my inn was teleported to beside the pet battle trainer. He had his portal in tact. The one that WASN'T in the inn lost it's portal, which got moved to the spot by the pet trainer as well. The one that had it's portal removed (construct B) no longer functions. You can move it, but it has no portal, no power ups, nothing. The one with a portal (construct A) functions as normal and is still linked to the emancipated portal, which is stuck in place by the pet trainer.

    Can't see any purpose to this, but I thought it was neat. Even if you reset them via the Spirit Lodge NPC, it never gets fixed.

    Side note: You can put a warlock portal in the basement of the spirit lodge, remove the building, and still teleport to it. Takes you under the world, disconnects you. When you reconnect it teleports you back into your garrison.

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