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    Conducting Blizzard Research - How You Can Help

    I'm currently running some experiments to test Blizzard's methods regarding authenticators. This could become quite a big development for scammers.


    -This is for WoW US only. You must have a WoW US authenticator.
    -You must not be a leecher. (You must have more than 10 rep.)
    -You must be willing to follow directions.

    Basically, I am requesting that you purchase (or somehow obtain...if you already have one, great) a Blizzard WoW US authenticator. I will supply you with an account, and you will apply the authenticator to that account. Your role is fairly simple; that's the only part you have to play. They are only $6.50, so if you need to buy one, then it's really not that big of a deal. If this project begins (as in, if people are actually interested and I get a few takers), I will also buy an authenticator and use myself as a lab rat.

    I will be offering you the account you'll get; it is yours to keep. Because this is a test, it is possible that Blizzard will ban the account or the original owner will take the account back and remove the authenticator from it (which, as a part of the test I am conducting, should only be able to be done by sending in ID). However, if they don't, you will be able to keep the account forever.

    You will also be placed in the credits of the report I will probably write on the authenticators, the best ways to use them, how easily they can be removed, and overall, how they can help scammers.

    And finally, you know that you will be helping MMOwned learn more about Blizzard in general. You will be helping the whole community, including yourself.

    If you are interested in being a lab rat for this project (IE, placing an authenticator on an account), then please PM me.

    Also: If you are willing to donate phished (or otherwise scammed) accounts to me, you can. I already have a supply of them, but hey, the more the better. Please do not PM me with the account(s). Just explain that you will be willing to supply phished accounts when I ask for them, and tell me how many you think you'd be able to give.[/b][/u]

    Thank you.

    -The WoW Lawyer
    Link to my guide: | I'm retired, please don't PM me. Thanks.

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