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    [Patch 1.11] - Known Issues (6-20-06)


    There are areas with invisible houses.
    Under certain circumstances, ranged attack animations are not displaying properly.

    Spells, Talents, & Abilities
    Certain effects that proc off of spells can be resisted despite having 100% chance to be applied.

    The quest Shadows of Doom is not correctly labeled as an elite quest.

    Wristwraps of Undead Slaying are playing the wrong sound when moved in the inventory.
    Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is not being rendered correctly on some clients that have Smooth Shading enabled.
    Quivers disappear when acquired and a players bags are full. Temporary Fix:Opening bag space and then re-logging or zoning will make the item reappear.

    Monsters and NPCs
    Various chained flight path fixes.

    User Interface
    The dressing room window will lose textures if its open while zoning.
    Using the Show Target of Target feature on a friendly target overlaps the fifth buff.
    Raid Icons disappear when the UI is reloaded with /console reloadui.

    There is a spot in the northwest part of Warsong Gulch where you can get stuck in a hole.
    Stamina and intellect granted from random item attributes are causing players to resurrect with less than full health and mana in battlegrounds.
    It is possible to queue up for a battleground at a battlemaster yet exit the battleground at the location of the battleground portal.



    Spells, Talents, & Abilities
    Shapechanging with the Furor talent learned does not put the druid into combat to retain the added rage.
    MoTW, Thorns, and Rejuvenation are not using the correct casting animations.
    Cat form claw ability is playing an inappropriate sound.
    Shapeshifting to bear form with Heart of the Wild talent causes hit point loss.
    Moonkin Form does not have a shapeshift sound.
    Barkskin is being displayed incorrectly on the druid when shapeshifted.


    Spells, Talents & Abilities
    Ranged combat animations are not playing properly.
    Using emotes while under the effects of Feign Death causes the hunter to animate from their own perspective.
    Surefooted does not give a resist message when the player resists a spell.
    Hunters will remain standing for several seconds when casting Feign Death, if the camera location is not on the character at the time of the cast.
    Revive Pet returns more than 15% life if the player has the Endurance Training talent.
    Eagle Eye is ending early when targeted far away from the caster.
    There are animation issues with Frost Trap when combined with Clever Traps.
    There is a period after casting Eyes of the Beast, before gaining control the pet, that will break the spell if players attempt to move.

    The tooltips of pet abilities refer to the player rather than to the pet.
    Hunter pets may change color when revived, summoned, or when zoning.
    Greater Stamina (Rank 10) and Natural Armor (Rank 10) are both out of place in the Beast Training UI.
    Pets do not have animations for several abilities.
    Pet icons may not update properly in the stables window after retrieving a pet. Temporary Fix:Typing in /console reloadui should provide a workaround for now.

    The 3-piece Dragonstalker Armor set bonus remains after pieces are unequipped.
    The Field Marshal's Chain Helm appears dark in direct light and bright in shadow.


    Spells, Talents, & Abilities
    Two consecutive fire or frost spell crits may cause Master of Elements to proc only once.
    The proper number of summoned food/water is not displayed in chat.
    Casting Polymorph on a player that is currently immune to Polymorph due to diminishing returns does not display the Immune flag over the target's head and the 15 second cool down for diminishing returns is not reset.
    Using Blink while in lava causes the player to go to the deepest end.
    The debuffs from Fireball and Pyroblast are not considered magic.


    Spells, Talents, & Abilities
    Combat log messages generated when a player gains mana from Seal of Wisdom or Judgment of Wisdom do not attribute the mana gains to any particular source.
    The Scorpid Hunters Slowing Poison is not removed by Blessing of Freedom.
    Holy Light is reporting twice in the combat log to enemy players.
    The added armor effect from Improved Lay on Hands is appearing on the character sheet as a permanent armor value.
    Reckoning resets the auto-attack timer.


    Spells, Talents, & Abilities
    If a Horde Priest cancels Mind Control that is on an Alliance player who was previously attacking a Horde guard, the guard will become hostile towards the Horde Priest (this works from Alliance to Horde as well).
    Mind Vision rank 2 does not work if the target is outside of area of interest unless chain cast from target to target.
    The graphic for Power Word: Shield does not display properly when in Shadowform.
    Casting Mind Flay consecutively can cause the second Mind Flay to cast with no spell animation.
    Mana Burn does not interrupt flag captures.

    The 30-minute cooldown timer activated by transforming Anathema/Benediction is not functioning properly.


    Spells, Talents, & Abilities
    Threat reduction modifiers such as Blessing of Salvation and Tranquil Air Totem are applied to Feint, making it less effective.
    You receive an improper message when attempting to stealth while under the effects of Faerie Fire.

    It is possible to use Renatakis Charm of Trickery at full energy.


    Spells, Talents, & Abilities
    Water Walking is producing the wrong sound when running on water.
    Improved Self-Reincarnation does not affect the Reincarnation tooltip.
    Chromaggus's Brood Afflictions will target totems.
    Fire Nova Totem is damaging players in neutral towns without drawing aggro from the guards.
    Grounding Totem is not preventing the mage spell Counterspell.


    Spells, Talents, & Abilities
    Players can keep the Demonic Sacrifice buff along with a pet if the pet was resurrected.
    Curse of Agony does not deal damage if the caster dies.
    Rank 2 of Improved Firebolt is not consistent with its tooltip.

    The Succubus can despawn before it can be resurrected.

    The 5-piece Felheart Raiment set bonus does not always grant the Demonic Ally buff.


    Spells, Talents & Abilities
    Warrior talent Anger Management causes rage generation.
    Whirlwind increases weapon skill when not attacking mobs.
    Defensive Stance is affecting environmental damage.
    Death Wish is inconsistent with its tooltip description.

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    Undocumented AQ Changes

    -Splits on top of himself, rather than to the three platforms. Can result in nasty earthshocks and triple arcane explosions very easily. HOTFIXED
    -Raid target persists through splits.

    -Defender packs have more mobs?
    -Warriors spawn more adds on death?

    -Yauj now has roomwide heals, and will heal Kri (Presumably, she will heal Vem as well).
    -Yauj fear range increased.

    -Royal Guards use their knockback move more often?
    -Guard respawn bugged, guards will not respawn when killed, but will respawn on aggroing of Sartura in case of a wipe.

    -Can no longer max-melee the healing debuff.

    -Now correctly applies damage and silence on her random secondary target splash bolt.

    -Can no longer reset the pull.
    -Lower HP.

    Altered timing on Teleport?

    -Submerge bugged?

    -In-Combat bug fixed.

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