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    Uninstanced Zul'Aman Druid Style Patch 5.0.4 Post-Flying Fix

    Morning Owedcore!

    Since the drop of patch 5.0.4, we have learned that flying in unknown zones has been fixed for the time being, and I say this because it could very well come back, as we saw with wall jumping. Flying in unknown zones didn't stop me from attempting to get into uninstanced Zul'Aman! I remembered how to get past the invisible walls back when you were able to fly back there, so now I would like to show you how to get back there and the path to getting past all the invisible walls.

    So for this exploration, I used a druid with Wild Mushrooms and Wild Charge. Using the techniques that I have learned with Heroic Leap, I would have to say that Druid exploring is a hundred times easier than Heroic Leaping, but it is the same mechanics; so hooking onto walls, tricking the server into thinking you are at same height with a mountain, etc, is necessary. Now this exploration is not bound to the Druid or Warrior class only. Since walljumping is back, it is possible to get back there with any class, but it saves time and frustration with a Druid or Warrior.

    Another thing I would like to point out is that I was getting spammed with "Transfer Aborted: Instance not found" a lot when I was back there. I am still wondering why it is doing that, because pre 5.0.4 when we would fly back there, this spamming never occurred.

    Anyway, enough wall of text, here is the video. Saw some videos of this, but they were only to get into the unknown area to start flying, and not actually getting into Zul'Aman. Music is called Bust Your Windows Instrumental, not sure who its by, I just found it in my iTunes library and it was about the same length of the video

    My iMovie gets all wacko for some reason. This movie should have converted to at least 720p to 1080p, and instead it made a large video. Sorry if the quality is crappy.


    Edit: Patch (today's patch) Walljumping no longer is possible (or is as easy as in 16010.) This will be near impossible to get to now, since walljumping is near impossible and harder than in 4.3.4!
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