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    Phase out in Obsidian Citadel

    I found (by accident) that when you blink through the electric wall preventing you from entering the room where the spider rare Shas'ith is, it will teleport you outside of it (after a loading screen) and then you'll phase out to a primitive instance of the Obsidian Citadel, where there are still no NPCs on top of the Citadel and when you accompanied Wrathion to put the Black Flight Crystal thing on the pillar.

    Blink here:
    Emptyy Citadel 3.jpg

    Primitive version of the Citadel:
    Emptyy Citadel 2.jpg

    No one on top of the Citdadel:
    Emptyy Citadel.jpg

    The only thing triggering your phase out of this instance is world quest, so try to complete them or avoid being where they are.

    I know this is not an exploit, BUT you can use it to other creative ways such as farming, etc. I know some will find usefullness on it.

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    I figured this out by accident as well, but I did it differently. With a pinch of lag and a dash of luck, if you fly in to the basement on your dragon, and attempt to fly through the top of the door while the electric field is up, you get the same result. Sadly, you're alone in this phase no matter what, so you're kind of limited by how good you are when soloing elites in the citadel. It also seems to fade when you arrive at the Dragonscale Base Camp, as it's done this multiple times for me.

    I really wonder what can be done here. The empty phase of the zone is truly a surreal place this early in the expansion.

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