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    Fast Runecloth with mob exploit (55+)

    Runecloth can be a !@#$%^&* to get when there are other people taking your mobs. one of the most farmed areas of WoW is Kel'Theril in Winterspring. the suffering highbornes are renowned for their runecloth drops & assorted rare drops.

    there's an exploit i found that will allow you to basically get 2 of these mobs to spawn whenever you want. there is a catch, there's always a catch. first you need to have the quest Troubled Spirits of Kel'Theril.

    here's the quest information, where to get it, etc.

    now, DON'T COMPLETE THE QUEST. follow my instructions. when you are at the Highborne Relic Fragment, mine it like normal but don't take the item that pops up!! instead, close the item window and wait. sure enough there will be 2 suffering highbornes that pop next to the fragment thing. you can do this over & over, just make sure you don't pick up the item.

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