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    Super OP dueling Warlock

    This is a temporary & very expensive exploit. But if you are a warlock ramping up for a duel for some serious $$ then you may wanna look into this.(Duels on some servers are for hundreds...even thousands)

    I discovered this lil glitch while I was experimenting on the test server with warlock builds. Originally I was Soul link build. And with that you have a lil glitch you can do to get a double buff with the MD, by sacrificing your pet & then rezing it with cables, or by having another player rez it. Basicly each pet gives you a buff, and each pet when you sacrifice it gives you another buff. By sacrificing your pet & having it rezed, you can have your SL & pet buff & the buff from sacrificing it. For most dmg, do this with a succubus and you can get upto 25% increase in shadow dmg.
    NOW comes the SUPER OP part.
    I had done the trick above before going to respec my warlock, but had done it with my voidwalker. So I had on me Master Demonologist 10% damage reduction with VW pet, Fel stamina giving me 3% health regen every 4 seconds (which is 160 HP per tick, and lasts 30 min), and had soul link on. THEN, I respec'd to SM RUIN. AND the buffs were still on me. THUS I had crazy DPS and with SL had proly a virtual 9.5k hp and during any duel I would regen approx 1200hp. Made several priests pull their hair out with this one.
    I then tried this with my succubus & with the +dmg buffs I was criting regularly for 4.5k & hits around 2k with shadowbolt. Shadowburns for nearly 3k. And Death coils for 1200.

    Down falls - fun is over and buffs are reset when either you enter an instance (like a battle ground or take a ship accross the ocean or get summoned or ported). Also, should your pet die, game over again, buffs will be reset & you will loose the MD & sac buffs.

    Super OP dueling Warlock

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