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    [Wowmythic Legion] Has officially released! No p2w, no lag, professional staff, blooming internation



    Greetings champions,

    The Burning Legion is invading Azeroth yet again bringing their foulest creatures to burn away all life on Azeroth!
    Your fellow heroes have already arrived on the Broken Isles, taking the fight to the Burning Legion. You will be a valuable asset in defeating the Burning Legion,
    Wielding your mighty Artifact weapon, You will bring fear to the dark invaders. On your adventures, you will be able to bring the champions
    of your order hall with you, and slay many mighty demons on the Broken Isles.

    We would like to make a special announcement. Our realm Garothi has officially been released Saturday 8th July 2023!
    We are a 7.3.5 25x experience rate server with progressive content, meaning we start on 7.0.3 and work through the patches.
    So far we have already had many interesting updates, which will be discussed later in this advertisement.
    Our community has been growing tremendously since our official launch day, and we have a professional team of
    developers working on our project 24/7, to provide you with the best experience you can get. If you encounter any problems in the game,
    we also have a team of gamemasters working hard to solve your issue, you may create an ingame ticket and you will be helped quickly.
    We also have a support channel where you may receive help aswell!
    Our playerbase is currently peaking at about 1200 online players during the evening. With an Average of 1000+ players online!
    We are expecting the population to grow even bigger. The word will spread of the quality of our realm.

    Online players in the evening.png

    Q:What does this mean for you?

    A:Currently we have opened our realm Garothi to the public officially to the public. We have finalized testing the realm intensively,
    and now we can focus on providing YOU with the best game experience you can find around. Interesting ideas are constantly being discussed
    for updates, and our community likes to have a say in the updates that will be implemented.
    Even though we won't be implementing p2w rewards,there are still many fancy rewards such as transmogs,
    aura's, mounts, toys and much much more! We have an easy to use ingame shop. Simple command: .menu

    Q:What makes Wowmythic special?

    A:All players that enjoy playing wow know one thing: Legion is one of the IF not the best expansion ever
    and what's better than being able to start on a fresh journey and be able to adventure together with
    like-minded people? You will be able to compete in the m+ ladders, Journey at your own pace,
    experience an amazing project with plenty of other players, and much much more!
    Constant and interesting updates and community held polls can be find on our discord channel for now.


    Server Summary:

    -The server is located in Poland (Europe), and players from countries such as The Netherlands,
    and Croatia experience low latency: usually between 50-70 ms, so no visual lagg or delay at all.

    -Professional and friendly English/Spanish speaking staff.
    -A professional working website (work in progress.)
    -A growing discord community (over 1500+ members already).
    -No crashes at all (Server only restarts for updates)
    -Fast bug fixes.
    -24/7 uptime.
    -No server lag.

    WoWMythic low ms.png

    Realm features:

    There are to many features to name here, but you can find a small introduction of our amazing features below. You can find changelogs
    and additional features on our official discord group for now.

    -Quality of life (QOL) updates, such as the implementation of Wakening Essences from the start (from EN).
    -Ingame shop discount of 30% upon release. The event will last from 10-13th of July, 2023.
    -Custom npc change npc (1-25x xp) Talk to Nozdormu.
    -Class bodyguards are working!

    -Upon creation of your account, you will get the opportunity to create a free level 101
    boosted character with an average item level of 680! Please be careful when selecting your
    character boost. It's only available 1x per account!

    -Progressive content.
    -All Legion questlines and world-quests are working.
    -All professions have been intensively tested and confirmed working to make sure you can supply yourself and your friends
    with all the necessary provisions and tools you need in order to boost your adventures.
    -All starting zones working.
    -Old content (including their respective dungeons and raids) working.
    -Mythic zero dungeons scaled correctly to match patch 7.0.3.
    -Emerald Nightmare raid normal+heroic working correctly (Mythic is work in progress.)
    -All class halls+their questlines working.
    -All legendaries working as they are intended to be.
    -(Legion) achievements working.
    -Implementation of stackable and instant cast artifact accolades:

    Ingame shop (no P2w):

    WoWMythic donator vendor (no p2w item).png

    All Legion Storylines functioning:

    WoWMythic all legion storylines working.png

    Closing word:

    As you might know, Legion is one of the best gameplay experience the game has to offer. Is it the challenging content
    of m+ dungeons, with each run becoming more and more difficult? Or are you more of a completionist constantly inspecting
    and comparing your achievement points with your friends?
    Or perhaps do you prefer to pursue a career in doing professions and becoming the richest hero around?
    The bottom line is, on our new project there is always something to do for different adventurers.
    We have some of the best scripts you can find and you will encounter very few bugs or other issues while playing. Come join Hundreds upon hundreds
    of your fellow players, you will make many new friends! So what are you waiting for?
    You are Azeroth's last hope!

    Our links:

    Home | WowMythic Server


    [Wowmythic Legion] Has officially released! No p2w, no lag, professional staff, blooming internation
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    As you might have noticed, community held polls are very important to us. We want YOU to decide on upcoming and exciting
    decisions, and updates being made.

    We are glad to announce we have opened a new poll in regards to the progression through the expansions.
    People are able to vote on the following subjects:

    -1️⃣= Skip Trial of Valor and move straight to the Nighthold raid.

    -2️⃣= Progress the server to Trial of Valor first, and then after 3-4 months release the Nighthold.

    -3️⃣= Release Trial of Valor, but stay on this patch for 1 month max.

    Have a visit on the official WowMythic discord channel, and cast your vote. This poll will close on August 14, 2023.

    We would also like to bring to your attention we have decided to open another poll. This poll will decide if we will open a new realm (MOP)

    -1️⃣= Yes, open a Mop Realm.

    -2️⃣= No, we are NOT interested in a MOP Realm.

    -3️⃣= Open the realm with accelerated rates (increase rep, exp and profession rates).

    (Note: You are only able to vote on the polls on our official discord channel. The above polls are merely a fraction of the amazing features our project
    will bring you, and our content is constantly being updated!)

    Join hundreds of adventures today at: Home | WowMythic Server
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    Wowmythic updates and news

    Wowmythic updates and news:

    -The poll regarding the final realm type has been concluded, and the people have decided the realm will be pve.

    -Congratulations to the guild ''The Warforged'' for being the first guild to beat the Emerald Nightmare on Heroic difficulty.

    -The Emerald Nightmare will open it's doors on the difficulty of Mythic on the 26th of July at 4pm server time!

    -Next to the implementation of the free character boost (1x) per account, it has been decided you will now receive loot on your alt characters

    at certain levels to make progressing alts as easy as possible!

    Join us today at: Home | WowMythic Server

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