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    [3.3.5a] Survive or Perish: WoW Redefined on Hardcore-Legends!

    What is "Hardcore Legends"

    Introducing a thrilling World of Warcraft server experience like no other: Hardcore Legends! Embark on a journey filled with adrenaline-pumping challenges and rewarding adventures.

    In Hardcore Legends, players will test their skills in a hardcore environment where every decision counts. Push the limits of your characters as you face the fiercest battles, knowing that one wrong move could result in permanent death. But fear not, you have a chance to get an extra life, ensuring that the adventure continues even in the face of adversity.

    The server also features an innovative rewards system. Should luck elude you in loot drops, fear not! The Auction House offers a chance to acquire better items, empowering you to become an unstoppable force on your quest for greatness. With each level gained, your characters will automatically learn their new spells, allowing for seamless progression and mastery of your chosen class.

    Once you reach the pinnacle of level 80, a whole new realm of power awaits you with the Ethereal Ascendance: Harness the Spirit Within. Players unlock the potential of their spirits, gaining additional power and customization options. Each spirit level attained grants a precious point to allocate, empowering heroes to bolster their main attributes as they see fit.

    But that's not all! Our in-game store, a treasure trove of wonders, awaits your exploration. Discover a variety of exclusive items, coveted mounts, convenient services, and powerful buffs to enhance your gaming experience and make your journey even more extraordinary.

    Realm info

    • XP Rates: 1x
    • Version: 3.3.5a


    • Permadeath: When your character dies, they're gone forever.
    • Auto Learn Spell: Automatically learn new spells as you level up.
    • Rewards Every 10 Levels: Regular rewards keep you motivated.
    • Double XP Weekends: Level up twice as fast on weekends.
    • Transmog: Change your character's appearance as you please.
    • Pocket Portal: Teleport anywhere, anytime.
    • Auction House: An abundant supply of items awaits you.
    • Individual Progression: Progress through expansions at your own pace.
    • Death Announcements: Everyone is informed when a player dies.
    • Custom Store: Shop a wide range of items, boosts, and services.
    • Cross Faction Battleground: Fight alongside players from other factions.
    • Autobalance for Dungeons and Raids: Balanced challenges for everyone.
    • Second Chance: Buy a Life Elixir to gain an extra life.
    • Spirit System: Continue leveling up and boosting stats after reaching level 80.
    • Top 10: Get recognized for being one of the highest-level players.

    Website: Hardcore-Legends
    Realmlist: set realmlist hardcore-legends.com
    Discord: Hardcore-Legends

    Join us on Hardcore Legends, where the true essence of World of Warcraft is amplified, challenges are embraced, and rewards await those who dare to rise above the rest. Will you become a legend?
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    [3.3.5a] Survive or Perish: WoW Redefined on Hardcore-Legends!

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