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    EpicWoW Northerend Realm (Official Realm for Norwegian Elite Databases)

    Northerend High Rate Realm @ EpicWoW~~!
    Official Realm of Norwegian Elite Database

    The Revenge Of Anasterian
    In ages past Anasterian ruled Quel'thalas in peace,
    Then Arthas came, ripped trough the land and defeated Anasterian and his grand army,
    this is what the official books says that Anasterian was killed while fighting for his own life.
    But what really happend was that he and Arthas made a deal,
    a deal for Anasterians to live if he gave the sunwell to Arthas!
    So Anasterian broke down the defences around the sunwell and let Arthas walk right in,
    nothing in his path, Anasterian was promised might and power over all of Outland,
    but Arthas betrayed Anasterian and left him for dead!
    But what Arthas did no know, was that the Anasterian himself had a vial from the sunwell itself!
    Years have passed since that day, And Anasterian has been waiting!
    He has drank from the vial to save his life, but the sunwell did not just heal his wounds,
    no it made him stronger, much stronger! He possesses the power of minds,
    to controle creatures, he can create them! He is getting stronger every day,
    consuming the power of the nether! draining it from the land itself!

    Well, here are some of the new stuff:

    * New custom start area in Eye Of The Storm (splitted in horde and ally start)
    - With some starter quests that will make you lvl 20
    - Starter rewards like amani war bear mount, custom dagger & shirt with stats
    - noob starter vendors with weapon/armor
    - Faction Guards to keep gankers away
    * New lvl Area/lvl shop for lvl 20 - 70,
    - in a new area mostly NEVER been used in wow before.
    - with alot of custom made quests! (good rewards so DO THEM)
    * "Live" Main Shop City at Theramore (with some walking vendors)
    * 6 Event Climb/Kill Areas with Rewards (tokens)
    * New Custom UPGRADED Stormwind Vault instance (lvl 70)
    * New Custom Luascriptet Gnomeregan Instance (lvl 70) (JANUAR0
    * 100% Working Guildbanks (will be added in shop cityes)
    * EnderfectX Custom Token System with my own addons.
    - Alot Custom Quests where you get tokens as reward
    - Token drops in bosses in outland instances
    - More Custom Item Rewards

    * Unique WARP Taxi with portals to EVERYWHERE (Updated)
    * Unique SKILL Npc with weaponskills, missing class skills and language skills
    * Working Class trainers / Prof trainers
    * Working Arathi Basin
    * Working Warsong Gulch
    * Working Arena Teams Battle
    * Some GO's removed in some old Event Areaes to minimize lag there.
    * Lua scripts & dll,s
    * Custom lvl 70 quest City
    * All-in-2 class trainers (Working perfect with all custom trains)
    * City Guide NPC's in Theramore shop city that works like
    the main city guards that shows you where thing is, But the difference is
    that my guide guards teleports you stright to where you want in the city.
    * Teleport Item that ports you to malls and lvl area
    - you get this in a quest in our custom lvl zone
    * custom vendors/items

    Realm Configuration Rates!

    <Rates Health="3"


    Realm UP! 24/7 ~~
    2 Extra Realms! (Azeroth FunServer and Outland Blizz-Like)
    Dedicated Server!

    We NEED You! Come join our community at wow.epictorrents.net and be part of something that Dares to Customize!

    Steps for the Launcher:
    1)Extract the EpicWoW Launcher.rar file to the destination of your choice.
    2)Extract the file into your World of Warcraft Folder which can be found in Program Files
    3) Just Double click the EpicWoW Launcher.exe file and Click Register then Click Play!
    Knaur - Founder of The Norwegian Elite Team

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