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    Titans-League - Spellcrafting, BR, Upgrade npc and a lot more.

    Heya ownedcoreians. I am here with a treat for all of your customization hungering people who are dead-ass tired of the countless "progressive blizzlike" servers.

    I present to you, Titans-League!
    (Yes i know, first wow site in VueJs? woah, the speed! (fukka you fusioncms))

    If you enjoy customization as much as me, you gonna love this server. Here, we rock your foundation within the first seconds with some amazing introduction animation sequences, as well as a custom storyline.

    But most importantly, here you build your own gear from scratch. And this is not some shitty system that creates duplicate items, nono. Developed with lots of love, care and passion, we present to you the most complex item customization system that also includes a custom profession Spell Crafting.

    What you can customize on your items:

    1. Name.
    2. Quality.
    3. Display.
    4. Stats.
    5. And with the new Spell Crafting profession, you can even craft your own equip/chance on hit effects to apply to your items.

    Check out one of our players Reapers at our armory. It also loads the custom stats you choose!

    Here is a video showing some aspects of the upgrade system:

    We also introduce new custom battlegrounds: 2v2 Deathmatch, and a fully functional Battle Royale!

    It's worth noting that all our battlegrounds use your total item upgrade level to find opponents, so you'll always fight against fair opponents. But the battle royale you have to find gear, so upgrade level doesn't matter. All your items are temporarily taken out of storage until the match is over.

    We also have tons of custom events:

    Zombie Deathmatch, Mario Kart Racing, Fall Event, Mini Battle Royale & king of the hill.
    You can check out more videos on my youtube channel there, or you can come to check out all the stuff before we go live on the 16th of November.

    Other stuff includes Player House System WHICH IS ROLE BASED , duel betting where you can bet your character in a duel. That's right, the winner gets the loser's character. You up for that? I bet my character you are not.

    I could go on all day with content, but its better you come to see for yourself!

    So if your into custom stuff, be sure to check out https://titans-league.org!

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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