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    [Wotlk] Vengeful-WoW PVE Highrate Server

    Vengeful-WoW | WOTLK | PVE Highrate Server.

    We are a very unique Server with a vision to provide our players with the Most Unique & Eccentric WoW Experience..

    With a 99.5% uptime and no crashes, we strive for perfection! our target is to give you the most unique PVE Server/WotLK Experience Ever!

    We are a fast growing community and we welcome players from all countries and ages, we come up with a totally unique server concept among private servers, where our players are welcomed and encouraged to get involved with the server development and new features discussions.

    Once you start playing on Vengeful-WoW Server, you will have access to Heirlooms, Free 60% Custom Mount at level 1, open chat between factions, working quests, custom XP System, Activity Tokens Reward System and our unique Event & Transmog Systems and much more. We also provide in-game Character Services (race, name and faction change), mount or vanity items Item Store.

    As a PVE Server, we will offer you a an Environment that has features and flow of a Blizzard realm. Having said that, we will also bring you unique features, systems and events that will ameliorate your game experience without breaking its original mechanics or class balances. We also offer a very unique Transmog System which consists of Transmog Items from other Expansions such as: BFA, MOP, Legion, Mythic, Artifacts, Diablo Custom Wings.

    Our Rates:

    - XP Rates = x7
    - Loot Rates ~ x7
    - XP/LOOT Rates can be changed to x12/x10 with a game command.
    - Honor x 7
    - Arena x7
    - Gold Rates ~ x5
    - Professions ~ x15
    - Gathering, Mining, Fishing ~ x7
    - Quests ~ x7

    On our Realm you also have access to many Custom Scripts & Features:

    - Information Booth NPC (to provide you with the most important information about our realm)
    - Vengeful Tree ( Provides with Starter Mount at level 1, Free Heirlooms and General Supplies)
    - Teleport NPC (main cities only)
    - Dalaran Mall and Central Meeting Zone
    - Weapon Trainers & Class Trainers (cost free)
    - Activity Tokens System where you can exchange your activity tokens for Gold, Tmog Tokens, Plans/Paterns and much more.
    - Custom Player Commands
    - Leveling Rewards System, get rewarded pets, toys, mounts, buffs as you level, rewards added automatically to your bag each 10th level you reach.
    - Exchange System, exchange your gold, activity tokens.
    - Character Services NPC
    - Advanced Transmog System Legion, MOP, BFA, All Tiers, Artifacts, Mythic.
    - Diablo Wings
    - Custom Arena Brackets [Solo-Q 1v1 & Solo-Q 3v3]
    - In-game Arena Stats and Arena Spectate
    - Bounty Hunter System
    - Challenge Mode Command
    - Custom Chat System
    - Crossfaction Raiding
    - 100% Working Argent Tournament
    - Updated Textures, Floors, Tiles to Legion.
    - Models, Mounts are all updated to Legion Models
    - Custom Character Creation Interface, Login Screen, Loading Screens.
    - Custom Daily Quests
    - Custom Made Mounts world drops at 5%
    - All Mounts retro-ported from all WoW Expansions.
    - 100% Functional ICC, Gunship, Encounters.
    - Custom Flight Path Command to tun on/off instant flight path.
    Some players like to fly and travel and others prefer it to be instant, you decide.
    You can turn on/off your Instant flight path with a simply in-game command [.flight on/off]

    Here is the information you are waiting for regarding our Custom Rates System:

    - When you stat playing on Vengeful-WoW your rates are automatically preset to x7 however, at any time you can change your XP/LOOT Rates to x12/x10 by executing an in-game command [.rate xp]
    - Our Custom Rates system is perfected and works in conjunction with an existing game formulas.
    - Double XP Weekends and Double XP Quest Rewards.

    Vengeful-WoW Website: Vengeful WoW - PVE Highrate Server
    Vengeful-WoW Forums: Forums - Vengeful WoW
    Vengeful-WoW Promo Video: Vengeful-WoW PVE | Ymirheim Realm - YouTube




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