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    FrostholdWoW|Instant80|Uber Funserver|No Hamachi

    Frosthold WoW
    Presented by Julianx

    I am here to bring you Frosthold WoW. Frosthold WoW is a complete funserver with custom events and soon a few new instances. We have a mall, and custom events.

    New Features

    I am sorry for the recent long downtimes and constant problems, but now we are back for good and even better than ever! We have moved the site and forums to a new more stable server.
    So the new features will be:
    • Server more stable thx to the Ascent Devs
    • Shopping City (Hearthglen in WPL) (Unique)
    • Skymall (outland)
    • Dancefloor
    • Custom Vendors/Items
    • Start Panda with a cool Starting Dagger & 500 gold as start (modifyed from Gamingevolved 1.4 DB)
    • Event Reward Vendor (need event coin) (unique)
    • 3 Event Areas
    • Snowball Warfight areas
    • Working SW Vault instance with Tier7 drops! (Look on Donations Page to purchase as well)
    • WARP Taxi with portals to all malls, event areas, and lvl zones in azeroth/outland (Unique)
    • SKILL Npc with weaponskills, missing class skills and all language skills (Unique)
    • PVP Area (nagrand)
    • Working Class trainers / Prof trainers
    • Working Arathi Basin
    • Working Warsong Gulch
    • Working Arena Teams Battle
    • Zul'Aman instance open, and Most Zul'aman Items & Mounts added in DB (no mobs in instance yet)
    • Spawned Stormwind 2 in air of Nagrand (perfect to Hide & Seek events)
    • Over 2300 new Gameobjects added (spawns 8000000 - 8002313 for GM's)
    • AFG Warrior style Lottery & Enchant sack Vendors
    • Updated to Patch 2.3.0
    • Start with all Spells and Skills needed!
    • No Mount Requirements needed!
    Event 1
    "The Draw"

    This is an idea that I thought of and is Copyrighted to the server through:

    Licensed Under The Canadian Creative Commons License.

    You Are Free To Share, or Modify This Work, As Long As Credits Are Given.

    This is a web based event. This in particular has not much to do with World of Warcraft, but with server support and your own benefits. This event is based on the player or the partaker in the event. The partaker will have to send $1.00 via PayPal to me and then they will receive a link to another site where they will do the following. The prize is 25% of the money submitted, so if $200.00 is submitted the prize will be $50.00. So ask yourself would you pay $1.00 to have the chance to win $50.00?

    1. Upon sending money, you will get another e-mail from myself for a link to another site.

    2. Go to the site and it will look something like a World of Warcraft registration zone. There you will enter in your real name, and your Pay Pal e-mail

    3. Upon submitting in the information it will all be saved into a MySQL Database.

    4. After 1 weeks time I will then make a program using Visual Basic that will randomly draw a number matching the entry ID of your submitted info.

    5. When I draw the number I will announce the winner officially on my website and send an e-mail to the winner and the prize through pay pal.

    This event will happen on a monthly or weekly basis depending on its popularity.

    Event 2
    "The Tourney's"

    This is just a weekly tournament that will have different names with different prizes. Rewards can be Gladiator Gear, or even custom Items at times.

    How to Connect to Frosthold WoW

    You NEED to register an account on the Frosthold WoW server to log in and play. To do this, follow the link below to register an account.

    Link: Frosthold WoW • Registration

    As Fosthold WoW is supported only on 2.1.1-2.X.X Official World of Warcraft version. You will need to make sure you have this version to play on Frosthold WoW. If you have a version greater than 2.X.X, you will completely need to reinstall World of Warcraft. If your version is less than 2.1.3, you will need to patch up using either the regular Blizzard Downloader or going here to find the patches you need.

    1.) Go to your World of Warcraft directory. The default directory is (C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft), but you may have installed it in another directory depending on your preferences.

    2.) Open up the file named "" with any default text editor and replace the entire data in there with the following data:

    set realmlist

    If you are using Windows Vista, follow this guide to change the [HOWTO]Change in Vista

    3) Great, you're done! Double click WoW.exe and start playing on Frosthold WoW.
    If you have any questions or comments please post in the forums. Have a great time on Frosthold WoW!

    [HOWTO] Change on Windows Vista

    Step 1: Click and go to "Properties."

    Step 2: Once in "Properties" click the tab called "Security".

    Step 3: once in "Security" click Advanced near the bottom.

    Step 4: Once in "Advanced" click "Users" (owner-PC\Users) then it will highlight

    Step 5: Click Edit then highlight Users (owner-PC\Users) then click edit once again

    Step 6: Check the very first box titled "Full Control" under Allow not Deny make sure its Allow.

    Step 7: Now click OK then OK again and once again click OK and once again click OK.

    Step 8: Open, delete all the data in the file and put:

    set realmlist

    Step 9: Enjoy!
    Guide provided by Julianx

    World of Warcraft Clients download

    Don't have World of Warcraft? Or The Burning Crusade?

    Download WoW Mirror 1:
    PC: ... loader.exe
    Mac: ... loader.dmg

    Download TBC Mirror 1: Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!
    Download TBC Mirror 2: ... loader.exe

    World of Warcraft Manual Patches: Patch mirrors - WoWWiki, the Warcraft wiki

    Extra Links
    Website: Frosthold WoW • Terms of Service
    Forum: FrostholdWoW - Index page

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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