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    Reborn new 3.3.5 private server starting At naxx

    Welcome to Reborn.
    The idea :
    This server was basically started to re-live the WotLK experience, Instant 80 progressive server with low starter gear (187 for gear, 200 for weapons) so you can start doing heroic dungeons, farming Emblems of Heroism, Epic gear, and crafting materials (e.g Frozen Orbs) which would be challenging with the low gear.
    Open raids :
    - Naxxrammas.
    - Vault of Archavon (Archavon the Stone Watcher only).
    - The Obsidian Sanctum.
    - The Eye of Eternity.

    What's planned ?
    - Ulduar in 1 month after the official release of the server.
    - Trial of the Crusader after 1 month of Ulduar's release.
    - Icecrown Citadel after 1 month of ToC's release.
    Arena seasons will come with each new raid, and every boss on Vault of Archavon will come with the correct raid.

    The actual server :
    - Weapon / Class skills / Mount skills on login.
    - Professions NPC to learn whatever 450 profession you chose.
    - Professions vendor for the crafting materials.
    - Pet trainer for hunters.
    - Transmog NPC, where you can transmog Cross-gear (e.g Cloth Plate), and Cross-weapons (e.g Axes Daggers).
    - Daily quests for Dungeons, Battlegrounds.
    - Daily quests for each Naxx's final quarter boss.
    - Raids reset once every (02) days.
    - Arena points flush is once every (02) days.
    - All misc items (e.g scrolls - flasks - arrows) are stackable to 1000 and purchasable at 200 each.
    - Hearthstone modified to a User stone, where you can teleport to Duel zone, Starter zone, repair your gear, and reset your talents.
    - The item store is filled with transmog items, mounts, and tabards (nothing that's not obtainable in-game).

    In the end, I just want to say that we won't promise you a 100% working scripts for everything, but with your help and reports, we can fix them and make this server a good place for everyone.

    Website is Reborn Server

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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