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    Laguna-WoW - Instant 70 PVP/PVE - 2.4.3

    About Laguna-WoW

    Laguna-WoW the best 2.4.3 PVP/PVE realm available!
    We have 1 great realm that catches the eye!
    We have a Dedicated server with the following specs:

    Server Specifications

    * OS: Debian
    * RAM: 12GB Memory for 1 CPU, DDR3, 1333MHz (6x2GB Single Ranked UDIMMs)
    * Processor: 2TB, SATA, 3.5-in
    * Connection: 100Mbps on multiple diverse backbones
    * Location: Europe

    You wanna know a bit about our epic realm!?
    Then here you go!

    Laguna-WoW(2.4.3 PVP/PVE realm)

    This is the TBC-server you have been looking for if you are one of those who miss the
    good old days of WoW, where raids were hard but challenging and PvP was balanced and fun!

    Scripted PvP and PvE content, currently at T4/s1. T5 is scripted and ready to be released.

    Laguna Realm offers you a chance to return to TBC and experience some of the
    things you missed out on or never got a chance to do. Our vision is to make it
    as retail-like as possible, but without the boring leveling part!
    Which means you have to farm, raid and PvP to earn your gear - This is no gift-shop!

    You start out as: instant 70, d3 gear (blue), a mount and a few accessories.
    All profession are instant 375, but the patterns/recipes/plans you still need to farm

    See you ingame!

    Are we hiring?
    We are hiring at this moment, we are in need of

    Web developer 0/1 You will be payed to build the site. You do not have to stay with the realm once the realm is finished if you don't want to.

    Laguna-WoW Videos:
    YouTube - Laguna Realm Instant 70 [Recycled] Tempest keep & Gruul
    YouTube - [Recycled] Instant 70 @ Laguna Realm 2.4.3

    Website and Forum Links:

    Laguna-WoW! Instant 70 2.4.3 PVP/PVE realm Sites Temporary
    Forums Forums Temporary

    Please Note: We do have a active population of 60+ players but that is mostly during the day because we have alot of European players but we are trying to get some more American players as well (:

    We are also in need of someone to build us a website and we are willing to pay!

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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