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    [WoWRequiem] [Custom Realm] Closed Beta (With Rewards)

    Bored of the same old story of the Lich King, Illidan, and Ragnaros? Looking for a brand new experience and a new story to tell? Apply to join our Beta team!

    WoWRequiem is a server project that has been under construction for over seven months. We are opening an exclusive CLOSED Beta to a limited number (20) of competent and knowledgeable players.
    Why limit the number of players? We don't want 100 mongoloids running around posting half assed bug reports.


    25x XP during Beta (value at launch to be determined by player input)
    Level 80 cap

    Custom and expertly scripted quest lines and instances including mysterious and futuristic factions that you must battle in the past, present, and the future

    Over one hundred custom creatures all scripted with 3-6 or more abilities

    Custom cities

    Reliable dedicated server

    Mall with Ulduar grade gear for level 80s

    Custom drops and rewards appropriately scaled with retail gear including custom Tier 10.5 and PvP/Arena rewards

    New custom and balanced level 80 rewards for battleground reputation

    Donate or win semi annual events for personal or guild housing in custom free for all warzones or sanctuary RP zones

    Non-overpowered donor gear which can't be used in cities, battlegrounds, or arenas (gear may actually be removed depending on player input)

    Custom raid contains expertly scripted, challenging, and beatable bosses with top end rewards

    Donate for custom display IDs, quotes and names (with the stats of in game items) for yourself or guild

    Event focused staff allowing you and your guild the chance to make its mark

    Patch 3.3.5a and remaining on 3.3.5a indefinately

    And more!

    Benefits of Closed Beta Testing:

    Free donor equipment during BETA testing stages

    Access to some GM commands

    Access to exclusive sections of the forums

    Good experience if you plan on applying to join our support team

    Potential for private land during BETA testing as a reward for being in good standing

    BETA testers in good standing will be rewarded when WoWRequiem is released to the public with custom equipment reserved only for our BETA testing team and the potential to start at level 80

    Access to one of a kind revolutionary custom content before anyone else

    Learn more and apply to join our Closed Beta Team at WoWRequiem - A New Experience

    Our website contains screenshots and previews of custom content

    Bookmark WoWRequiem - A New Experience for future updates and information. Public launch depends on speed of Beta and is estimated to be November 30, 2010. Closed Beta begins November 10, 2010. Accepted applicants will be notified of Beta code via email. See site for details.

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