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    [3.1.3]World of Empire-10+Custom Zones-Custom Instance-Malls-PVP-Custom NPCS-2realms

    World of Empire is back and greater than ever!
    Our server has been offline due some problems. But we're back, and 100% active!




    -Twink Realm.
    We bring you a new Twink Realm. With easy to use malls giving everything a twink would dream, You could twink yourself up , buy the gear and face off others like you!

    -Raiding Server.
    NEW!! Raiding server full with quests, instances, npc's, malls and everything to make you a pro raider
    -99.9% Up time.

    -Funserver - Choice to level from 2o to 90 or 70 to 90. And , if you want you can get instant 90! Its your choice!

    Active, and friendly staff.

    -Nice, and mature players.

    -Great donation items.

    -Neutral Mall.

    -Jukebox Npc.

    -Relax zone.

    -Football zone + system.

    -Custom obstable courses.

    -Level cap 125.

    -2 Leveling roads, One for horde one for ally.

    -Custom instance (upgrades scholomance).


    -PVP system.

    And much much more!

    Custom Content:

    We strive to bring our players the best content.
    Our developer team is working extremely hard for everything to be done on time for the next updates.

    Custom Gnomergan:

    We have prepared a custom instance located in Gnomergan.. This isntance needs tactics, excellent jumping skills, combat skills and a very intellegent mind... Lazers, Objects, Lights, Bosses, (you get to kill gnome bosses too!!!) obstacle courses.. ALL IN ONE! So what are you waiting for? join the instance to beat those wretched bastards in gnomergan.

    GM support:

    If you ever need help you can just pop up a ticket and a GM will help you with whatever you need! Our GameMasters are VERY active and like doing tickets. Your issue will be dealt with in 5 minutes or so!

    PvP system:

    Every time a player kills another player a message will be broadcasted saying who killed who. The player that got the honorable kill gets a token which can be exchanged at the mall for gear. Custom quests give these tokens as well. All battlegrounds and Arena's do in fact work!

    So what are you waiting for? The only server with non-stop action!

    Realmlist: Code:
    set realmlist

    Create Account here!


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