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    HeroicWoW - Grand Opening - Hear what the excitement is about.

    Your Next Favourite Private Server!
    Exclusive Developing Team; 2dgreengiant, Greed, Gastricpenguin, Hellgawd, Mirage and more!
    We support ALL versions of WOTLK!

    HeroicWoW's main focus is quality - we will ALWAYS make sure our content is at it's peak and perfectly bug-free before allowing it for public access. Our website is always 100% functional at all times, because we know how important a well functioning website can be for a successful server. We host our Logonserver, Characterserver, and individual realmservers all on seperate Dedicated Racks. This not only gives us an exceptional playercap - which we hope to fill up soon - but gives you, the players, exceptional latency at all times of the day and 24/7 uptime. One thing we stress is that when we do go offline, it is for a very good reason - usually opening a new realm, applying a bugfix update, or otherwise vital maintenance duties.

    Another thing we work hard to keep at the best quality is our lore. Every one of our realms comes complete with a detailed backstory, and plot for the future. Essentially, we have everything planned out with what we will be adding even months ahead of the timeline. Our lore is written by industry leading professionals, edited by third parties, and usually expands on existing World of Warcraft lore. Our quests and events always follow the lore-script to a 'T' and you will always find great adventure and excitement within our realms because of this.

    At the moment, HeroicWoW has one "shining star" - and this is the Demise of the Scourge realm. Not only does this have a kickass backstory - World of Warcraft 5 years in the future, after The Lich King crushes the lower continents and blocks off the Outlands - it is our most developed and sought-after realm.
    To start, we took everything that existed - all the WoW data - and completely removed it. COMPLETELY, and EVERYTHING.
    Then, we started working on it. This realm is a 1x rates server (With many experience-doubling, tripling, or otherwise multiplying events) but is most certainly not Blizzlike. You, the player, start off in Northrend where you will hone your skills, from levels 1-80 - which we add in more and more content by an extensive 'Content Update' system designed by our staff - through an exciting questline and picking up side activities along the way, such as fun daily events and secret quests and PvP - and eventually face the Lich King on his throne. It is the server of all servers!

    Our second spectacular realm is known as the Heroic Warcry. It is an 'Event Realm', open only on weekends. From this realm you can win real life prizes such as iPods, Gaming Accessories, and more. Not to mention thousands of HeroicWoW rewards on top of it! Due to the exclusive nature of this realm, you are required to have a VIP Account to play. You can upgrade your standard account to a VIP account in one of numerous ways; participate in a sponsor contest, participate in a HeroicContest, participate in a Wrath of the Tuskarr event on our Demise of the Scourge realm, win a participating MMOwned.com contest, or donate 20$ to HeroicWoW. The donations go directly back into the pool of money used for a variety of things, such as prizes, sponsorship, advertising, and - most importantly and the priority of everything - upgrading the server. The actual nature of this realm changes every month, when a different event is announced. For more information, check our forums.

    Join the best private server experience.
    Join HeroicWoW!
    Our great server is now open!
    After 2 months of extensive beta testing we are proud
    to announce the opening of our HeroicWoW gaming
    server. Do not wait another second! Experience what
    everyone else has been raving about. Experience

    ^ Browse the Site^
    ^ Create an Account^
    ^ Join the Community^
    ^ Become Heroic^

    Realmlist: logon.heroicwow.net
    Website: http://www.HeroicWoW.net
    Forums: http://www.HeroicWoW.net/forums/

    This post has been brought to you by Hellgawd, Greed, Gastricpenguin, 2dgreengiant, and Mirage.

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