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    Shoupz WoW

    This server was created in August 2007. We are a fast growing server. We have a big friendly community. We have 2 servers connected at the moment. We have our Linux server to host our forums and websites and our Windows Server to host our World of Warcraft Server. We are a non-donation item Server. We know your pain through other servers with the overpowered donars that farmed you over and over. We DO NOT have donation items. Everyone is equal to the same amount of gear they can get. Everyone has a equal chance of getting the same items as everyone else. We are the only server that does not do donation items! This server always has players on, and you can expect a good 500+ on our servers. We are growing everyday! More players come here and they'll stay here because they love our friendly community. Our GMs are friendly. We have trained our GMs to give excellent service to our players. When a GM is on, they'll help you with whatever problems you may have.

    Shoupz World of Waracrt Sever Specifications
    -2 CPUs x Quad Core Xeon 5420 Harpertown 2.5GHz 24MB Cache (8 Cores!)
    -6 GB DDR2 667 RAM (Fully Buffered)
    -147 GB 15K RPM SA-SCSI Drive
    -1000/1000 Mbps Uplink Port

    We have 2 realms on this server.

    Shoupz Fun Server
    -High Rate Server
    -Custom Vendors
    -Custom Shopping Malls (GM Island, Orgrimmar, & Stormwind + More!)
    -Custom Portals Set Up In Every Capitol
    *Rates Subject To Change Anytime
    -Skilled PvP'ers

    Shoupz Custom Fun Server
    -Instant 70 Server
    -Custom Vendors
    -Custom Shopping Malls (GM Island, Orgrimmar, & Stormwind + More!)
    -Custom Portals Set Up In Every Capitol
    -Custom Tier 7, Tier 7.5 & Tier 8 Available, Teir 9 is on its way =P
    -Any Race Can Ride Any Mount (Alliance Can Ride Horde & Horde Can Ride Alliance)
    -Custon Weapons!
    -GM Gear Available To Our Players (NO DONATIONS NEEDED)
    -Unlimited Gold

    -Tons Of Custom Free Items Available To Everyone!
    -Custom Arenas Are Set Up For Hardcore PvP'ers
    -Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulgh & Arena Battlegrounds Work!
    -We Do Not Do Or Have Donation Items!

    We also give players GM Weapons here. They all range from +500 stats to +7500 stats.

    NO DONATION ITEMS ON THIS SERVER! This will probably be the best server you'll ever play on. We understand that donation items kill game play for everyone so we do not do that here.

    We have stable hardware set up for best performance. The server auto saves every 1 second so you never have to worry about having rollbacks or your characters not getting saved.

    Visit us at

    Realmlist -



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