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    -=[ Dracula's WoW ]=- [Balanced Rates] [Fun-Server] =[Custom Tier 7] -=[Pro-GMs]=-

    Dracula's WoW

    House of the Rising Vampire

    Dracula's WoW: House of The Rising Vampire is an up-to-date highrate balanced server.

    We have Zul'Aman fully spawned.

    We have custom vendors, portals, custom PvP area, custom balanced items, custom portals spawned on character creation so you don't have to walk to get to the popular Cities like Stormwind and Orgrimmar, custom trainers, NPCs that heals you, Working Arathi Basin, Working Warsong Gulch, Working Arena Teams Battle, Morph Manager Npc, scripted guards, custom bosses, custom scripted instances, beautiful custom balanced Tier 7, 100s of custom balanced items, 100s of beautiful vendors for you to shop, kind community & players in-game, anyone can join this server (any language), custom talking NPCs, NPC that teaches you spells like Berserker Stance, Defensive Stance and lots of other spells that quests cannot give you, and we have new beautiful areas made by us.

    All the items from patch 2.3.x are fully working, including new armor, mounts, trinkets, rings and lots of other things without any problem.

    We have dedicated GM team/Moderators who are online daily to help players with questions and request.

    We have lots of mounts like: Amani War Bear, Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger, Reins of the Spectral Tiger, flying carpet mount(You can use it anywhere you like), Swift Flying Broom (this can be summoned in Outlands only), Rickety Magic Broom(This can be summoned anywhere) and lots of different kind of armors that you can use even if you are level 1.

    Our GMs host events almost everyday, our GMs host events like: Custom racing track, custom turtle track, custom boxing event, custom maze event, custom snowball event, custom dancing area, custom PvP area and lots of other custom events that are too long to type here.

    What beginners get:

    Pirate hat (When you click it you get a pet that will always be with you)
    Beautiful roses
    A mount that you can use it anytime.
    Free starting gear and MUCH.. MUCH MORE.


    XP Rate = 15x
    Quest XP Rates = 20x
    Drop Rates = 15x
    Drop Money rates = 10x
    Patch = 2.4.x Supported
    1000 Mbit - Powerful Dedicated Servers for your enjoyment!
    Hosted in USA - best place to get low MS all over the world!


    Realmlist: draculaswow.ath.cx

    Website: = Dracula's WoW: House of the Rising Vampire

    Forums: = Dracula's WoW: House of the Rising Vampire • Index page

    We will always have what you seek.



    Here is our custom, beautiful, balanced Tier 7 video:


    Dracula's WoW Trailer:


    Here is our fan-made video:


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