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    Hot to decipher the new wow config files?


    I was curious if somebody knows how to decrypt/encrypt the new format of wow config files
    I want to make wow dragonflight to play offline, without internet, but i always get CAS error


    Build Configuration

    root = 7f4cefa93ecc032a4d33d422764a8cf5
    install = 1605c706221abbbcfa5b377741331a1c 3efa9ac54fa0cf65dd2dccadfa8bc443
    install-size = 17419 16942
    download = b9ebb3b90fd4a883e533d7971f67e4f5 78ac34dd31d305813e547c7f83f35cb0
    download-size = 37348634 33625598
    encoding = f3ef0ad69d177b45740fc9330be44855 eaf3836afbb3846b44d3e9e9034eb4bd
    encoding-size = 79670115 79613212
    patch = 1c1454badce26849c3157b2fa81fe0e9
    patch-size = 2262
    patch-config = e36a8e77a07a33b6e3ec3ef980575cc5
    build-uid = wow
    build-product = WoW
    build-playbuild-installer = ngdptool_casc2
    build-partial-priority = e1e6b5f0ad34f2b41e31a54d17e12af8:262144 d4e734c9b348968ab4cabfac2bfc2671:262144 65f799910a118ad61088faf0b92d5ba2:262144 730e23767fd7d381c0daa673059eeca7:262144 650277c63d68542d65b71495728dee1f:1048576 11fbfa9bab88eef295c04d91a7b2fb1f:262144 f3e2e50a087f9e94a478ee3b27faecc3:262144 14ad5d0809af4e31bb9a5ffdc889f437:1048576 39f7dd51abccd53697693ecc9fe3d46e:262144 5cc09f2a9a89f9a5341153d105c96edc:262144 4c03523e1e3fd7ccdde16b29bbc22a3e:262144 ea05c97c414b7d5e43f7812183f99ad9:262144 2485e3a1ab35d28f4b770775fbaf8db8:262144 890fe992fd5c0da7f32fea48070ead69:1048576

    Hot to decipher the new wow config files?

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