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    AshamaneCore Legion Tools

    Greetings, The reason I am posting is in the need in help occurring the proper tools for mod and edit of the Legion expansion. There are tools that support MPQ integration, yet as of (not sure) WoD there is different package handling extension meaning that the encryption of the file differ from the previous extension. Note : Activision merged with Blizzard meaning that from the Infinity Ward Era to the Triarc Military Codex compares iwx to idx.

    I am currently working on setting up a Legion AshamaneCore Single Player Project. I can not find the source with out any errors so in this case a repack. Im not hosting and it is more for education and private purposes. But I need help editing the game for a story of my. Deep into the Core of Azeroth.

    Here are a list of tools I have gathered

    ADTConvert : : GitHub - Luzifix/ADTConvert: The ADTConverter is deprecated and no longer supported

    With this tool allow the conversion from older expansion map file extension to be imported into legion. Used with other expansions.
    The point of this if you have a way to model a terrain with a modeling software such as Blender than export as a obj file and convert the obj into a adt format.

    OBJtoM2 : : [TOOL] OBJ to M2 converter + Sources

    With this tool allows you to model a item or what ever you want to add into the game with limitability. Support M2 intergration.

    BLP2PNG : : BLP2PNG : Developer Utilities : World of Warcraft AddOns
    BLPNG Converter : : BLPNG Converter : Developer Utilities : World of Warcraft AddOns

    Textures, Material, Color, Art, Sprites, Images and all alike convert blp file formats from wow to a standard image file format. As well convert png to blp.

    Keira3 Database Editor : : Keira3 - The AzerothCore Database Editor
    HeidiSQL : :
    MySQL : :

    DBC Edit Software : :

    These tools all the editing of the wow database such as auth, world, hotfixes, characters and let you further look deeper into the integration of the context wow is packed with.
    This will help with gm command lines for specific item/game object id numbers.

    The method onto importing a custom map is that the game renders it multi-dimensional matrices in the the form of tiles. Each title gets rendered providing the world around as with complex metrical equation that provided collision detection. So you dont fall thru the map model. There is UV Warping which mean the model gets flatten and form like a spider web in shape and each shape signifies a texture that paint the whole models detail.

    Obj model have a codex that handles it martials in the format of mtl.

    So I am not sure, would I have to edit the code that packs the clients from straight c++ than cmake it. Or can I patch it even if it is system build repack.
    The way I see it is the model is made texture in uv than converted to obj/mtl than use a obj to adt convertor which im not sure where one is. than use the ADTConvertor tool to modernized the format of it encoding.
    How would pathfinding imply.

    TrinityCreator : :

    With this tool it allows you to intergrate quest, item, npc, much more yet I can not seem to find a profile for Legion. This tool writes out a SQL that can be Queried into you world database.

    What am I looking for.

    Map Editor? Official/Unofficial
    Trinity Creator Legion profile

    A better understanding in importing models and textures , if not as simple as repainting model texture spreadsheets.
    A better understanding of where items are held in database.
    A better understanding of modern file formats and ways in editing them. HEX?

    A friend xD

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