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    WoW Server [5.4.3] on Internal IP can log in but can't join Realm?

    Hi all.

    Hopefully someone can help. I'm trying to set up a private LAN server on an internal network without an internet connection (so can't use options that require the internet such as DNS). Everything needs to be locally controlled.

    I downloaded the Dev Apex 5.4.3 Mist of Pandora Core repack. (Core and Database versions:

    Everything installs fine. The SQL database runs, authserver.exe and worldserver.exe run without issues.
    I changed the realmlist in WTF/ to my internal IP:

    The 5.4.3 Pandora client starts perfectly and I'm able to log in and play provided the client is running on the machine that is also running the server.

    However, if I run the client from a different PC on the network (with WTF/ pointing to, I can log in to the server - but then I get stuck on the select realm window. The realm shows but when clicking okay to join, it doesn't actually join the realm and just stays on the realm list. (So, I'm able to log into the server but can't actually join the realm to play when using another computer on the LAN.)

    I've search Google and the forums here and the only solution I can find is to edit the table in the auth database and set the address to the internal IP. (The other solution relies on using a DNS but I'm trying to get the server working locally without needing the internet.)

    However, even after setting the IP in th auth database to (using HeidiSQL), the clients on the network still can only log in but can't actually join the realm to play.

    Is anyone able to help? Does anyone have a guide for setting this up on a LAN without having to connect to the internet and use DNS?

    As far as I know, port forwarding shouldn't be neccessary on a local network and I've never had to port forward for any other LAN servers - only when making them public and using a public IP.

    I'm really at a loss on how to get the LAN clients to join the realm. Help getting this working would be deeply appreciated.

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