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    triying to create a npc, that is called with an item an is able to port you to a location all over the world of azeroth...
    in case i found a NPC to port a player and copied the script into my sql-Database:

    AzerothCore-Content/AzerothCorePortalMaster.sql at master . StygianTheBest/AzerothCore-Content . GitHub

    So the script seems to be well, but i'm not able to get a gossip-menu to the NPC.
    I don't know, where there is the Problem...

    My NPC says 'For the Horde', if i talk to him, but nothing more?!?!
    It's the same issue as with my other 'self-made-npcs' ... noone of them got his gossip_menu and I don't know really how this works on azeroth-core.

    I think, its the 'gossip_menu_id' in the creature_template, that leads to the table 'gossip_menu'. <- so this connection i get ingame: the npc tells what there is written in 'gossip_menu'.
    But then there is anything about the table 'conditions' what is leading to the 'gossip_menu_option'-table, i think, but i don't understand?!?

    And so i hope fo anyone here to explain me, how it works ^^

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