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    [Question] created a new ICC and want to remake the portal, thank for helping

    I come from Hong Kong, my English is not good.(My English is form 2 level only same as Grade 8 at USA or Year 8 at England)
    I have a Question can't solve and wish you can understand my bad grammar.
    I am using a Simplified Chinese 3.3.5 version of AyaseCore to learn those thing.

    I created a new Icecrown Citadel(ICC) dungeon(the original ICC with a Map ID: 631 and my new ICC with a Map ID: 801),
    and copied World.Creature and World.GameObject to new GUID.
    now my new ICC got NPC and Object.
    but i find out the Inner Portal of new ICC(801) will teleport me back to old ICC(631).
    I will like to change it, so new ICC(801)'s portal will port to new ICC(801).

    Then the problem come.

    in the image above, it's a World.GameObject_Template.
    The name 天讉傳送門 mean ICC portal in Chinese.

    as Trinitycore page tell me
    data19 with Type 10 mean GossipID
    data10 with Type 10 mean Spell that will cast when Gossip checked

    all data10 is 0 but the in-game portal is working well.

    From the image above, it's World.Gossip_Menu_Option
    as what we see it missed 11015 and 11018.
    those option_text is correct name of Chinese.
    but the in-game portal are English and all Portal working well..........
    (so i feel i have something going really wrong and come here and ask)

    I tried to search those English "Teleport to" Gossip in mySQL but i find nothing.
    and also tried to search Smart_Scripts for Event_Param1 with those Gossip menu_id but i still find nothing.

    anyone can tell me the true location to remake the portal?
    thank for teaching
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