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    Question Regarding Custom Boss Scripts/Scripts In General


    I have used repacks many times over the years, but recently I decided I wanted to try and add my own custom boss that can cast certain spells and say stuff depending on the phase of the fight.

    I have seen lots of tutorials on how to script this, but none of them seem to answer these two questions:

    Do you need to compile your own core in order to add new scripts to the game? And if so, how do you go about adding these scripts?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    It depends. Does your repack support a scripting language such as Lua? Is so then you can write Lua scripts to achieve this. Otherwise you will need to compile yourself (which isn't difficult). Compile a branch like Eluna for Lua support.

    Some resources:
    - Eluna API
    - TrinityCore
    - TrinityCore Collaboration Platform

    And although the code is far from perfect, I have a ton of example scripts in these repositories:
    - Misc-WoW-Stuff/Scripts at master . stoneharry/Misc-WoW-Stuff . GitHub (this is ArcEmu and very old, but some useful stuff in here)
    - ZombiesProject/Server Scripts at master . stoneharry/ZombiesProject . GitHub (done using Eluna)

    You can achieve simple AI in some emulators with only database data using SmartAI. I don't know much about this but here's a link:

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